Thongers and micro bikini wearers

Looking for a special Brief

Hi folks, Can you recommend me swimming briefs for men which are made of a thin almost second-skin fabric? The package should be visible especially when wet but the briefs should not be sheer. I want to show off a "visible penis line"....

Beach Report

Wife and I went to a Tampa area county park with beaches on the gulf. On the path from the parking area to the beach we followed a younger woman in a black bikini. She also walked north on the beach and found her spot. We continued on to our usual...

Dads Thong

When I was a kid I found a red thong in my dads drawer. I assumed it was my moms until I saw him wearing it. I thought it was so cool that he was so hairy and masculine but had one that thong.

Women's panties

Does anyone wear any female panties or skimpy thongs strings etc. I have some see thru ones etc.

Beach Story

Was at my favorite Northern Michigan secluded beach yesterday. When I got to the beach was disappointed to find all textiles. (Dont they have any respect for the nudists!?) Had to make do with being nude in my dune and watched for some nudism. A...

Thongs vs nude

Over the years I have owned a variety if bikini type suits and thongs. Early on, I wasn't satisfied with what I could buy and I actually made my own brief costumes. I did that so I could carve away the maximum amount of material and still not...

micro wear

our whole family are nudists,but often at a beach we have to wear something and that is usually a micro suit.Nearly as much fun as being nude

Wearing G-string in Public

Concerning wearing g-strings and thongs in public, wonder if anyone has an experience or thoughts about the more revealing g-string. Some jurisdictions specifically outlaw the exposure of the anus in addition to the genitals, and a g-string is more...

I have bought thongs for the first time.

I am submitting pictures of me trying a thong for the first time and I want to wear it when swimming. Does it look okay on me?


I found my best suits at little shops in the carribean like jamaica...cuba at....whete they specialize....j have not found any men thongs yet...i buy alot of stuff from

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