Naked at home - 2014 / 2021 -

A bit of DIY

New to all this but just stripped off in the back garden as its pretty private to do a bit of DIY and gardening. Realised the gate at the front was open and didnt want any unexpected visitors so walked out the the front and calmly closed and locked...

Love being nude at home

Love being nude at homeunfortunately have to wait till wife and kids asleepfeel like a nudist in the closet

Madrid & Budapest host 25.09.-28.09.

Hello people! I am comming for a short visit to beautiful Madrid at 25.09.-27.09. and I hope to meet someone of you there. I hope to find a host too. I am active on couchsurfing. So please text me and if you can host me 2 night, it would be awesome....

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Taking clothes off

I have read several posts the members strip the moment they walk in the door. I guess I am a little different. I take my clothes off put them in the hamper and then take a shower. After my shower, I will stay nude unless have to go out again. When...

First time.

I will be going to Blind Creek Beach, in Fort Pierce Florida for the first time, September 17,18. Actually, this is the first time I am going to a nude beach. If anyone wants to join me, let me know, we can meet up. I would love to have the company....

comfort in the nude

i have been sleeping nude most of my life and when i bought my first house ive always have walked around naked for comfort reasons. and this is yeara before i considered myself as a naturist and visited a naturist resort years after and i believe...

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Naked and would love to see and be seen

Hoping to meet someone on Skype and enjoy the thrill of being naked together. Just the thought is very exciting. If hopefully interested my Skype is. jholla74 Really hoping lol

Gracias por dejarme ser parte de vosotros

Gracias por admitirme, yo hago nudismo en casa, sobre todo cuando estoy solo.

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Skype nudist group (nudist whith face)...

only nudists with their cam on and showing their faces. erections are allowed. Dont follow the rule( face and cam on = banned)

Always nude at home

Others who enjoy being nude at home and getting together on cam with guys private me. I am totally OK and expect that you would be also.

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