Male Adornment

How long does a PA ring take to heal?

I have been thing of getting a PA ring and was wondering how long does it take to heal? Is there much bleeding when it is done?

wearing a ring while working out

What are your thoughts? I like them, I feel like they get the testosterone flowing.

First ring

My wife bought me my first cockring! I love it feels amazing and dont want to take it off. Shouldve done this sooner. Does anybody else wear it 24/7

any guys here into wearing a chasity cage?

I wear one a lot love the weight and the feel of the steel, very often I wear it to work just wondering if any other guys are into them??

Ball stretchers - your advice please

Hi all, I usually just wear a cock ring; sometimes under my suit at work or jogging bottoms after the gym. Just wondering if any of you guys have worn ball stretchers. I'd really appreciate your opinion before I invest in some. Look forward to...

Metal cock ring

I have stainless steel curved cock ring, I love wearing it when I am naked around my house. I also will wear it sometimes when I am clothed. I wear it because it feel good around my cock and ball, it is weight so it has a slight tug on cock and ball...

love cockrings and pa

love my cockrings! and think about getting an pa. what do u think? mhhhhh....

24/7 all time wearer

Hey guys, this week I started on sunday to wear my 45mm stainless cockring 24/7 . now i just take it off to shave and shower. Are there any other all-time wearers here??

Ass Sparks and Butt Plugs

Anybody interested in using these? I recently bought an ass spark from Koalaswim, check their website for details. It has a medium size ball that goes up your anus, and is held in place by a cock ring. This is my first experience of something like...

Metal Detectors

Last weekend, I put on my head rings and went out to a night club. I didn't think they'd metal-detect me. They used the wand kind and it didn't go off. I thought to myself that next time I go to a club, I better have my rings in my...