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Please follow these


When using the forums, please follow the following rules.1. Be polite, even during controversial topics, name calling is not necessary or constructive.2. No promoting products or services on the forum.3. Please keep the forum non-sexual. No erotic...

So I have a private group

I've got a private group. No one is supposed to be able to see posts or post that hasn't been approved by me. Yet there's been 2 responses to a post... Anyone have any ideas?

Video format

Tried to upload a video today, found that the format was not accepted. What formats are okay?

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The ernstwhile practice of swimming nude in...

I was just browsing on another site and came across a discussion on the "barbaric past practice of forcing boys to swim nude in PE class". Yes...I'm one of those supposed "victims" of the system....except I think of it more as...

Help Help Help

Cannot find a place to get help... Im sure it is my issue the interface is taking me some time to learn . I see folks posting photos in the chat and when I click I get a blue block and below it says close this window Also it is my understanding that...

Searching for a Nudist House Mate

Well I'm not really sure where to start, so I thought why not start a forum thread. Great place to collect tips, and for others to share their success / failures.If you found this because you are looking for a place, even better. 2 bedrooms for...

Wearing an Ear Ring

I have one, I'm not ashamed to admit it. I love the feel of a ring in my ear specially when nude. I love nothing better than walking along the nude beach with it dangling from my huge lobe. I can feel the admiring glances from women. Anyone else...

wearing a cockring

I would be interested in opinions and thought on wearing a cockring in nudist situation s. I like to wear one as a piece of jewelry. Have a few that are pieces of silver jewelry. My body is in pretty good shape when wearing one i usually get a few...

Barefoot or not

I think when you are naked you should also be barefoot. Anyone have any opinions on this?

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