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When using the forums, please follow the following rules.1. Be polite, even during controversial topics, name calling is not necessary or constructive.2. No promoting products or services on the forum.3. Please keep the forum non-sexual. No erotic...

Spam/Fake accounts.

After receiving several spam messages this morning (NearByHotties who want sex) from new accounts only created today, does anyone else think TT1 should implement a probation period for new members limiting them from posting or contacting other...

Do you have any events in tampa bay?

how do nudist meet in tampa bay? Is there an activity group? house party, walk, whatever, please give us information?

Anyone else have problems getting a refund??

I switched to a limetime membership but the my quarterly payment went out too. I have sent several e mails to them but no answer so has anyone else had a similar problem?? if so did it get resolved?? any advice ??? happy naked days

Rules? That's a joke...

I'm so fed up with this site. I try, and I try, and I try, and I try... but this place reeks double standards, sex, b.s.... and I'm 'bout ready to say sayonara tn, your name could not be further from the truth. I wouldn't be surprised...

Meet Up Announcement : Goa, India : June...

Hello All,We are small group of nudist (5 of us, of both genders) who do regular meetups at isolated places in Goa. This time we have decided to introduce new members to our group and hopefully build a secret community in Goa.If you are seeking to...

Is anyone else having trouble logging into...

I continue to receive a message "Whoops! You have been logged out. Please refresh this page to try again" And when following these instruction, the same thing occurs... Any tips? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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Nudist in South yorkshire

Any sex. Nudisn is the main thing. Anyone can join. As long as the live in Yorkshire.

Uploade photos disappear

I keep uploading a few photos to my profile and within a day they are gone. The definitely follow the guidelines so Im not sure why this is happening. Any thoughts?

Benefits of sleeping nude

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