Keep It Natural And Hairy

New to Nudism - Bushes are hot

I love being a nudist, I find being able to see us as we are interesting, and mildly exciting. As long as i can remember a guys bush has attracted my eye. it might be that it separates the men from the boys, might be because puberty hit me late and...

New Hairy Nudist

New to nudism here and so happy to find a group of people who like to keep things natural! As a new nudist I have been so self conscious about being a hairy guy. I feel like so many nudists prefer to be totally smooth. I honestly take pride in my...

Armpit hairs - 0 to 10?

It is always interesting that the distribution of hairs across the body is different for different people. I wonder if you were to rate how hairy you are in your armpits (assuming they are equal on both sides) [0 = smooth and 10 = very very hairy],...

Hairy legs?

I dont think any guys shave their legs but based on my observation not a lot of guys have hairy legs. From 0 to 10, how would you rate yours (0=none). Mine is probably 7-8. Love them!

Check my new video on YouTube in this...

I want to share my recent video of me on this amazing Beach I visited last week in Sanya! (Hainan province, China) the link on YouTube: Which is the best scene? Cheers, Rafael.

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Instagram self-love project!

Instagram self-love project! You are all invited to check @anakedjourney on Instagram! A project about nudity, self-love and body acceptance. It's full of diversity and amazing posts!

Hola,Soy Nuevo por aqui

Si sabes puedes hacerlo, recuerda que todo esto se puede lograr. Espero hacer amigos y soy de Mxico. Abrazos y Besos de Oso

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