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Empty hangers

Over the past several years, I have gotten rid of well over half of my clothing, but no hangers. I noticed yesterday when I was putting away my clothes after doing laundry that even when almost everything is in the closet, I have far more empty...

Contagious Nudity

Anyone had a situation where a housemate or partner followed your example and spending more time nude because you were without you overtly trying to convince them to do so?

Warning neighbors

How many of you tell neighbors about your nude activities. Only time I did was when a new neighbor, widowed older gentleman, move in next door. When I went over to introduce myself, he mentioned that he liked to leave his back yard lights on after...

single married nudist

Hi i;m married and enjoy the nude lifestyle however my wife has no interest in nudity and won't accompany me to nude beach or resorts or nude cruises. I fully understand why these places only want couples and not single men.Any places in North...

Too Comfortable

My brother in law invited a few family members to see his new apartment some time ago. My wife was invited but couldn't go. Her sister did go and said when they got there he was nude and said it was too hot for clothes. She was embarrassed by...

Just need help please

Im Tim 1073 I would like to be more active on T Ns but I dont know how to upload pictures so I can get certified or how to use the site more easily not very good with all this sort of thing Tim


Hi there,m was wondering if any could help me with my certification. I keep on getting rejected due to No ID presented but I have a full picture of me holding the sign up and as well a picture of the sign written? anyone wish to help me out with this


does anyone know any resorts in the usa that allows outdoor sex between consenting adults

The church and nudism

I have been searching but there is a lot of contradicting information. What are the churches views on nudism? And are any of you Catholics?


I was thinking that there are natural progressions or scales to nudism. Tell me what you think of the below rankings. Levels: 0. Never Nude - see Tobias Funke in the TV show Arrested Development - its hilarious! 1. Shower 2. Sex 3. Sleeping nude 4....

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