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Little Activity

The site seems to be in a lull lately. Do you think it is because of: Arrival of cooler weather in the Northern Hemisphere? Increase in dubious requests for hook ups? Beginning of the holiday season? Something else?

Homes in Clothing Optional Resorts

For those of you who live or have a second home in a clothing optional resort, do they have less storage place for clothes than other housing of similar size since you don't need as much of it?


This is for all the nudist men out here. Whats it like to date a girl who is either a nudist or not a nudist? Share your experiences.


I understand the new rules about nude pictures, but ANY picture I put up is deleted. Clothed pictures, landscape, random articles of clothing, boots, etc. what gives?

Certified Yes or no?

Hi, I believe I am a certified user. I have made it through the certification proces and my profile says I am certified. But there are some feautures I still cant use because TN tells me I am not certified, for instance broadcasting/ camming. Of I...

Report uncivil user?

Quick question, I received three messages from a user (two of which I even read, as I hadn't logged on), the last one was mildly abusive. The user has blocked me (even though I never communicated with them). How do I report their behaviour to...

Contagious Nudity

Anyone had a situation where a housemate or partner followed your example and spending more time nude because you were without you overtly trying to convince them to do so?


Any thoughts? Someone i met on here is trying to blackmail me today. User cutedebbie26. I told them to fuck off, they threatened to send my pics to people I know. Geez. What should I do about this? I stopped communicating with them immediately, I...

Totally Even Tan

I often see someone at the clothing optional beach with a dark even tan. Does anyone know how people get it so even? Everyone has to be outdoors in some clothing sometime.

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