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My Video Got Deleted !!!

hey admin how are you doing today can u please tell me why is my video deleted it was on hold for approval for 2 day's and now it's deleted ... i want to know why there no sexual theme to it, i was naked and roaming around at my workplace, no...


Why do I need to become certified? My second question is one that I submitted but no one has gotten back to me...because I work in the education field I do not want my pic out there to get into the wrong hands if you know what I mean, I value my...

Is family nudism responsible for incest...

I know this question may feel odd to somebody but i'm just asking out of curiosity. I don't live in a place where nudism is valid so i don't have any experience of nudism. But i think it's the proper way to be normal. As much as i...

photos for certification

I am trying to upload photos for certification and not having much luck. I can upload to my media but not to the certification page. Somebody please help. Thanks in advance, nuthinon

How do I start my own group?

How do I start my own group? Can I take over as moderator in a group where the moderator has not logged in for years?


I believe that the title under the name on a post ( textile, barefoot...) related to the number of posts the member has made. Curious as to how may posts each title represents. Also wonder why there is a rank for undies only as I believe many...

Iowa nudist

Just here looking for like minded people in iowa. This state is so bad for nudist. Closet resort is a 3 hour drive and there's not even a pool, wtf!

Update profile picture

Well this might be the most stupid question ever but HOW do i change my profile pic, i just can not find how!!

Photo approval

I dont know what Im doing wrong, but I have submitted a full frontal nude shot of me-head to toe-exactly the same as my certification photo ,minus the certificate, and it is rejected. It follows all of the media upload rules, and is similar to ones...

Why be a nudist?

Why be a nudist? I have been asked why anyone would want to participate in something that seemly few people choose as a lifestyle, or even understand for that matter. What's the idea?No one is born ashamed of their body. If you had never been...

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