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Incremental Comfort?

While being nude is most comfortable, do you find that your comfort level increases incrementally or is it more all or nothing for you ? Mine is incremental. Wearing just shorts is far more comfortable than being fully dressed, and short shorts are...

nudism and children

How did you tell your children that you were a nudist and how they reacted?

Male v Female

I have noticed here and elsewhere that men are more likely to be nudists than women. Yet, women are more likely to wear very brief or sheer clothing than men. Any thoughts on this?

Is nudity addictive?

I was wondering how many people experience the more you are nude the more you want to be nude. I think about when can I be nude again.Plus I really do not like putting the clothes back on.

What is your greatest hinderance to enjoying...

We are all on here because we enjoy our bare time. Just curious what is the greatest hinderance that each of you face to enjoying your birthday suit to the max? Some examples are: lack of privacy , time constraints due to job or other life demands,...

Getting your cam to work in the new chat room

Since the new chat room opened I was not able to broadcast on my cam using Google Chrome . The small screen would pop up asking what cam I wanted to use. I would select that cam and that screen would disappear. A split second latter a very small...

Did you tell your parents you're a...

Did you ever tell your parents you are a nudist? What did they say? Any tips on how to tell them?

Ever nude in front of non nudist friends?

One of the conversations i have had with others on this site is the fact that we are realizing that we will have nudist friends and non nudist friends. I guess the question i have is have you ever gotten nude in front of non nudist friends? or have...

Dropping a friend

I accidentally accepted a friend request that I meant to reject. Any way of dropping them as a friend?

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Deliveries in Clothing Optional Communities

Question for those of you who live in clothing optional communities full or part time. What are the delivery options in them. Restaurant food? Groceries? General package delivery? If all of these are available, it would make it easier to spend long...

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