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Frenchman's Hole Thursday in Maine

Hey Maine. It looks like Thursday will probably be the last fairly warm day before the cold weather is upon us. Anyone up for getting some sun at Frenchman's Hole? Let me know. Thanks.

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bought a short sarong recently for when I can't be nude. While it is comfortable, I find it as likely to fall off as a towel, if not more so. Any suggestions for keeping it in place


Do you wear a watch when you are nude? I rarely did in the past, but now that I have a Fitbit, I usually wear it.

Totally Even Tan

I often see someone at the clothing optional beach with a dark even tan. Does anyone know how people get it so even? Everyone has to be outdoors in some clothing sometime.

Naked or Nudity as sexual times

Often I look at the gallery photos and enjoy the pictures and facial expressions. Other times I become arroused. I was worried that at the begining of my social nudity (10 years ago). I would have a errection. Haven't experienced that yet. Any...

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by Floridabear 
Told to Sleep Nude

I am also a member of the Nude Sleepers Forum. Many men and a few women have said that at some point one or both parents told them that they were too old to wear anything to bed and had to start sleeping nude. Did that happen to any of you? As a...

Too Comfortable

My brother in law invited a few family members to see his new apartment some time ago. My wife was invited but couldn't go. Her sister did go and said when they got there he was nude and said it was too hot for clothes. She was embarrassed by...

Have you ever lost your job due to your nude...

Okay this is a broad battle ground I do concede as some people may have lost their employment and suspect it was due to their nude life choices but have no proof. There is of course many avenues to this too - turning up at work naked versus...

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