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Is family nudism responsible for incest...

I know this question may feel odd to somebody but i'm just asking out of curiosity. I don't live in a place where nudism is valid so i don't have any experience of nudism. But i think it's the proper way to be normal. As much as i...

Chat Room

This may have been asked many times, however as a newbie member, i just don't get why the Chat Room is just 1 big open room and not broken up into categories. I went there a few times, and there are hundreds of members in there (90% men and some...

Is it possible to change your name on here?

Having just been banned for 24 hours for apparently nothing more than having dad as part of my name, I was trying to change it to something that doesn't show I'm a father, just so the mods can't jump on that in their never ending search...

Messages Sent

Hi, how do i locate messages that i have sent to members that have accepted my friend requests, not the actual friend request message, but follow up messages i have sent to these people thanking them, and trying to get to know them. I only have 1...

photos for certification

I am trying to upload photos for certification and not having much luck. I can upload to my media but not to the certification page. Somebody please help. Thanks in advance, nuthinon

Is nudity addictive?

I was wondering how many people experience the more you are nude the more you want to be nude. I think about when can I be nude again.Plus I really do not like putting the clothes back on.

What is the issue with nipples?

Apart from the obvious question of why do men have nipples, why is it a bigger deal for women to have them exposed?How many times in the media do you see pictures of women, frequently celebrities, that have a "nip slip", but for some absurd...

chat room cams

The previous version permitted better viewing of other nudists' cams. Please restore the larger view. thanks wayne

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How do I delete my profile?

I cant believe there is no easily obtainable information on how to do this. There also isnt a way to contact the site except through snail mail. Through the forums, I tracked down what is supposedly one of the admins profiles and emailed them, but no...

Minimalist clothing

Curious as to what y'all wear when not wanting to put clothes on. I typically just wear shorts with no undergarments and seen a couple threads about kilts but I'm looking for something cheap to wrap up in without having to get dressed....

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