Frequently Asked Questions

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Incremental Comfort?

While being nude is most comfortable, do you find that your comfort level increases incrementally or is it more all or nothing for you ? Mine is incremental. Wearing just shorts is far more comfortable than being fully dressed, and short shorts are...

Are Nudist clubs slowly killing of naturism?

Many peoples first steps after being naked at home,would be attending a club but with all the security, membership and disapproval of certain groups of people are they making the life style a little painful and hard to enjoy with all these rules and...

Video Conference Wardrobe

What do you wear for a video conference? Top: nothing, t shirt, collared polo, dress shirt. Bottom: nothing, shorts slacks. I wear t shirt or collared polo depending on the nature of the meeting and shorts. Doesn't feel right to me to wear...


I believe that the title under the name on a post ( textile, barefoot...) related to the number of posts the member has made. Curious as to how may posts each title represents. Also wonder why there is a rank for undies only as I believe many...

How to change your profile photo?

This may not be the right area but can someone point out the way to change my profile photo. I am a certified member but see no clear direction to edit or replace my current photo. Thanks

Paid Membership

I recently decided to become a paid member and paid the life time fee. My payment status says lifetime but I am unable to access any of the paid membership privileges. Does anyone know if this just takes a few days or if it is some sort of problem?

Clothed Profile Pics??

I don't get these clothed profile pics. No member here should even be seen with clothing., You get enough of that with the normal world.

Has anyone used a home permanent hair remover

I would love to permanently remove some of my hair. Amazon has some laser units for home use. Does it really work?

Trying to Message but cant see the captcha...

Hey Fellow Nudists, This might be just a me thing, but I'm hoping someone else has had this problem and found a solution. After I message back in forth with a friend, if I want to message anyone from their profile page, I cant seem to get the...