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Tan lines

How would you get rid of tan lines? I would simply just not wear clothes and spend more time in the sun.

Failed TN groups

I am suffering from failed groups which will not be deleted some simply will not go away even though I have left the group and some where the Administrator has failed to log in to approve the application ( I look now to see if they are actually...


I believe that the title under the name on a post ( textile, barefoot...) related to the number of posts the member has made. Curious as to how may posts each title represents. Also wonder why there is a rank for undies only as I believe many...

Obsolete Members

It is of my opinion that members that have not signed in to TN for at least a yr should be deleted.I sure hope its not just to say TN has xxx amount of members as this would lower the membership count!What do others feel about this?

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Chat Room, photos, and certification...

I have been a member here for over 6 years, 4 years continuously and have been one of the few woman that will cam in nude. I have taken breaks from here for personal reasons and frustrations with TN.I have posted in the forum regarding my...

High School

Has the chat room always had high school cliques? The major theme of the room seems to be "we hate everyone that is not one of us". There never seems any room for new people to break the code. This chat room is one of the major draws for...

problem with blogs

why can't you scroll down to keep reading the blogs ? the page simply doesn't scroll !!

Tan lines

Why do so many nudists have tan lines? I would guess being a nudist that you wouldn't have tan lines since your nude all the time and tanning at the nude beaches or am I wrong?

Has anyone tried waxing down there?

Recently called a waxing place near Dallas and do a men's Brizilian from shaft to hole. They they say to come back monthly. Just wonder if anyone can say they have tried this and how much their hair diminished each time?

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Contacting admins

How the hell does anyone contact the admins of this site?? They do not publish contact info except for a stupid snail mail address! I'm international and not paying $10 to send a note that takes 4 months to be delivered. I have been trying to...

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