Frequently Asked Questions

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Help to post Picture

Iam not able to post picture to my profile. It shows some error. Can any one help me to solve it? Thx

What happened?

Well that was scary! had me worried for a bit! Be nice to know what happened. If you missed it, the site went down for a while. It was awful, wow, how sad am I? :(

Profile Updates

I frequently get messages that my friends have updated their profile with messages. Where does one go to do this? I've gone to "My Account" but cannot find anything that says update profile. This will probably be answered in just one...

on line sign

why when i am logged in it dont show me on line?

Private Message disappeared-curious

I had an email this morning that I had received a message, but when I logged in there was not one. Does that happen sometimes? Just curious, as I had received email notification several times prior, but there was a message. Thanks!

travel info

Can anyone tell me how to activate the travel info? When I try to add something, the location drop-down menu does not respond.

Re Account Information

I live in the uk, and want to show my state/province asliving in the county of Kent, but it won't let me, It will automatically change to Kent when I reset the country to United Kingdom, but reverts back to Armed Forces Americas!when I hit save.

Location, Location, Location

I know you guys are busy, but I really do not understand why none of the updates or additions to the locations have been posted. I have added several, as have others, but none of them seem to get processed. As an example, almost a month ago I tried...

What happened to the Bulletins ?

Does anyone know what happened to the Bulletins. Is TT1 aware, or did he disable them re abuse. Or is it just a bug, and more importantly, will we get them back ? :(

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  • [[USERNAME]] replied "[[OTHER]]" on your wall
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