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Adding to profile?

I've tried to add information to my profile such as visits, locations and upcoming visits. Attempts to edit brings up "read only" boxes. Grin and Bare it Art

Why do our pictures keep being deleted

This has been driving us nuts - we would not put pornographic pictures on a website, we have posted nice pictures of us from AANR environments on our profile. We have had universally nice responses from people. not a single complaint or negative...

A friend disappeared

A Friend has Disappeared A friend seems to have disappeared from the site seemingly with all messages, posts and replies. Is this what happens if someone decides to delete their profile? I have been trying to keep a good balance of male and female...

Chat room said I need a pic.... but I am True...

I am not sure why or what to do about this.. Every time I click on chat I get this message.. Please update your profile If you want to use the chat, we just ask that you add a picture to your profile first. I have pics up and I am certified... I was...

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by amberandleo 
Photo upload problem

I attempted to upload a photo three times in the Gallery Nude Beach section. It seemed to upload properly but did not appear. Then I noticed on page 4 photos 72-79 were listed but only showed on the page. Glitch somewhere? Art

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new and waiting

it could be that i'm new and only a few hours old but no photos have been uploaded and i can only message friends not access their profiles,.also on my account page some of the links arent working,although i dont know if they are links yet i.e...

Help to post Picture

Iam not able to post picture to my profile. It shows some error. Can any one help me to solve it? Thx

What happened?

Well that was scary! had me worried for a bit! Be nice to know what happened. If you missed it, the site went down for a while. It was awful, wow, how sad am I? :(

Profile Updates

I frequently get messages that my friends have updated their profile with messages. Where does one go to do this? I've gone to "My Account" but cannot find anything that says update profile. This will probably be answered in just one...