Frequently Asked Questions

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Can't find a message

One of my friends has been sending me messages as I get an email saying: "True Nudists::New message from ... But when I log on & try to find the message it is nowhere to be seen. I looked under comments, comments on pics, inbox, etc. What is...

Webcam question

Laptop has a built in camera which I thought didn't work. Well, it does. In the chatroom, I can turn on the camera in the settings box and see myself, but haven't figured out how to publish it to the chat room. Can anyone instruct me? Thanks...

group start dates

i have noticed that many groups have a start date of 12/31/1969. is this some glitch in the sites software? it is difficult to have an internet forum group 20+ years before al gore invented the internet and 30+ years before the forum's site was...

How do you remove yourself from a group?

I have joined a group that I don't really want to be a part of, wondering how to "un-join" Thanks, j

Picture Album Rearranged

I've noticed that the pics I have posted have been rearranged. This was brought to my attention when a friend said he got a notice I had posted new pics, but he could not view them. He was right. The pictures were there but further down my...

Newbe needs help.

Hello all. Can someone help with a tech question. My wife and I are new members (paying members too)here. And every time we sign in we can can not look at anyone pictures. It tells us we have to upload a picture to look at a picture. We have pictures...

Site Changes

I dont mind paying, but when I do now, how come you cant save friends photos anymore, and how can I increase the number of cams that can be watched at one time?

Adding to profile?

I've tried to add information to my profile such as visits, locations and upcoming visits. Attempts to edit brings up "read only" boxes. Grin and Bare it Art

Why do our pictures keep being deleted

This has been driving us nuts - we would not put pornographic pictures on a website, we have posted nice pictures of us from AANR environments on our profile. We have had universally nice responses from people. not a single complaint or negative...