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I learn from the mistakes of others.......................who took my advice.


I was visiting my son's house the other day, and I asked him for a newspaper, he said no one reads newspapers anymore, he said here use my iPad. I said okay and that fly didn't know what hit him.

Absent kids

Names of absent kids to give to the substitute teacher; Bill Board Bill Fold Barb Wire Justin Case Jerry Attrick Rusty Iron Rocky Rhoads Al DePantzya Betty Don't Semore Butz Rita Book Anita Dick Peter Dragon Frank N. Beans Dick Longmire John...


A place for cartoons with a nude or clothing-optional theme.

A Tip for you all

We have fingertips, but we don't have toetips. Yet we can tiptoe, but we can't tipfinger.

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Rodeo Style Sex

Get your wife up on the bed on all fours. Mount her from behind. Grab a breast with each hand. Say, "These are almost as nice as your sister's." Try to hang on for thirty seconds.

ever notice???

Have you ever notice a sign on a door of a store that read. 'No shirt, no shoes, no service.' But it never mentions pants.

termite gets wood.

A termite walks into a saloon and ask, "Is the bartender here?"

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Not exactly a joke .. but could be funny

Time for a lighthearted look at ourselves as naturists. How about finishing this sentence with something that makes you smile? YOU KNOW YOURE A NATURIST WHEN To start the ball rolling heres one from me: YOU KNOW YOURE A NATURIST WHEN .. a...

good or hard?

A good man is hard to find, but a hard man is good to find.

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