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New Chain Game

This replaces old game. To reply, drop the first word and use the last word first. Then add one that will go with it.

New Game - Use Two and Drop One

Use any two of three words from previous post and add new word in any order.

Change a letter game

Put up two words which have only one letter changed, taken out or inserted. The words mean very different things but they could be linked. Some examples Public pubic Erection election Prostrate prostate

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by ManOfWicklow 
Song Title Chain

I would like to suggest a new thread game. Song Title Chain Here are the rules. Choose a word from the song title in the previous posting, Using that EXACT word post a different song title and the artist who recorded it. Please UNDERLINE the word...

Change A Letter Game

Below is a four letter word. Write the word and then write a second word changing only one letter of the first word. No repeating of words Let's see how many words we come up with by changing one letter at a time. Words are valid if the can be...

T-Shirt Game

Here is how the game say which band/singers t-shirt you go to bed in, and explain how you wake up using a song title to explain. Here are a few examples: I went to bed in an A-Ha t-shirt, and woke up Hunting High and Low. I went to bed...

Celebrity Name Mashup

This game is harder but funny and fun. You may use any proper name of a noted figure in sport, history, entertainment etc. You must use two or three names to make one. Two is one point, three is three. Points redeem for nothing but pride. Example...

Things NOT to do in the nude

Since we have a section for things to do in the nude, I thought it might be fun to list things you should never do. I'll start this with the obvious. One should never, ever fry bacon while nude. This one I recently learned the hard way.

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by nkdrnr0610 


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