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Nudist photographer wanted

Hello fellow users, We are currently looking for Nudist photographers. Specifically Nudist photographers with a portfolio of photos they would like to contribute. The photos will be used for the site as well as for advertising. The photographer...

Serious friends.

Hi guys Im new here can someone show me around?

Suggestion ffor the chat room.

Hi all, I've recently heard of and noticed people being banned without knowing why or by who to find out. So here is my suggestion(s) to the chat room that would improve the quality for members drastically. 1. Give users a message of which...

Leaving Groups

Some of the groups on this site have seen no activity for several years (ever, in at least one case). Has anyone found a way of leaving a group, or are you in it permanently once you have joined? Colin

Premium memberships

I'm sure I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but how do you make a complaint about a premium membership renewal. My membership ran out before I renewed for another six months. I received conformation through my email a few days ago and...

Profile Problem

I have a problem with my profile. I have written Truenudists twice with no answer. When we do a search of "who is on line last 15 minutes", our profile shows up if we search a"All". Beside our profile name is "NA". Most...

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Petition To Exempt Public Nudity from Penal...

Public Nudity Should Be Exempt From Penal Laws - Petition We are 77% towards our goal! Bare Body Freedom Activist, and Music Au Naturel Artist and Producer, Ton Dou, believes the responsible at-will practice of wholesome nakedness is an essential...

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by J-Koch 
Beware of scam artists looking for money

Hey guy girls, I am member who has been in touch with a new member her email is, she is asking for money to be sent to a store for sex toys. I have her image if interested Here's a free email to spam too

Nude massage in Arizona

I'm a CMT and would be willing to give nude massages here in Arizona

Nudist Female roomate wanted to share an...

Nudist Female roomate wanted to share an apartment here in NYC , here on vacation and would be spending some months. do not hesitate to send me an email, if you are interested.

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