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Most nudist-friendly countries in the...

Which are the countries with most nudist-friendly laws ? By nudity, I mean, complete nudity. More particularly, countries that allow the following, in that order. "Looking the other side" or "not being frowned upon" is not good...

Nudist Britts in the News Again

This story was in the recent AANR newsletter. Apparently you are not allowed to say mean things to nudists in UK. My goal in posting this is not to start an online argument over free speech. I just thought it was interesting. ...

Waterpark in Britain Bans Swim Event

Has anyone heard of public outcry cancelling nude events? I would think that since they are a private organization and only members can attend, there shouldn't be any issue. And I'm not even sure how the general public even found out about...

Nude in Florida

If you want to do your yard work nude you should move to Florida. This story is written in an amusing way but it is factually accurate.

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The churches views on nudism

I have been searching but there is a lot of contradicting information. What are the churches views on nudism? And are any of you Catholics?


I have seen some clothing optional resorts in Florida that say that state law requires that clothing be worn in the gym and/or indoor areas where food is served. Others allow nudity in these area. Does anyone know the reason for these differences. I...

Is it legal to be nude in your own backyard

Is anybody familiar withcanadian laws regarding being nudein your back yard?To be morespecific, I have a six foot privacy fence around my yard. Am I breaking any laws if a nieghbour can still see me?

Arrested for Indecent exposure.

On Friday I'd got back from an evening walk, stripped off once inside, had a cuppa & a bowl of soup, I was just thinking of making another cuppa when someone banged on my door I grabbed my dressing gown put it on answered the door to find 3...