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Discussions on Male Related issues with Nudism

who sits up all night and thinks up all this...

Looks to me that we have some naked folks with nothing to do to promote true nudism and it's ideals and morality. Too many folks trying to turn nudism into sex parties. Just aint happening in the websites; retraets; resorts etc. that I go to or...

What do men and pantyhose have in common?

I thought this might be an interesting conversation tidbit that both men and ladies would like to contribute, preferably, a humorous comparison! Let's try to keep it "under control" with the comments,please!! Of course, I will start it...

Approached by older guys.

Hey everyone, I was at my local nude area on the weekend, its a tea tree lake which sits behind the nudist beach area. Its clothing optional and i had been swimming there and got out to dry off when an older guy tried hitting on me and asked if i...

Going Alone to a Nudist Resort

I am planning on visting the Rock Haven Resort when I can get a chance next year but I'm afraid that I may have to go alone. I've heard that you make lots of friends if you go alone but I would like to have somebody join me. I am not gay but...


Only 3 other posts in this MEN section. All to do with hair removal options. Blimey. Is that all us male nudists have to talk about?! lol. Not actually the most masculine of subjects really and this is coming from lil gay me! lol.

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