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Being the Token Black

The last couple of times that I've been to a nudist resort, I was one of few Blacks. However, the last resort I went to, I was one of many Blacks. However, it seemed as if I was the token Black guy in both situations. I guess because I seemed to...


Howdo you stop ingrownhairs from happending when you shave? I get at least 5 or 6 that do and not only is it annoying, but it doesn't look very good when you have thoseredmarks down there.


I have been to the doctor latly for some pains I was having in my testicals and they ran a ton of tests. One of them was testosterone level. I learned that I have a high level and am pron to be easily aroused even when not thinking sexually. There...


the site will not allow me to go to chat any longer???????? i have been blocked , it just will not allow me to go with out joining. if i dont join i can not chat.


I am back on after a short absence caused by my account somehow getting deleted on my end - not really sure what happened but I have been a good boy so I doubt it was something devious, that was said just to clarify things before someone says...

Young male new to this

Hello I am 24 male nervous about my first nudist exspiriance And a little shy and embaressed about my body I'm not fat but nervous email me for tips or if you think I shouldnt be showing my body

Turk Nudistler

Turk NudistlerSelamOncelikle Avrupa ve dunya nudistlerini imrenerek izledigimiz bir gercek. Bizde gercek nudistler olarak ulkemizde Turkiyede ard niyetsiz nudist toplantilar yapabilmeliyiz diye dusunuyorum. Hicbir onfikir ve ard Niyet olmadan seksuel...


for nude meeting in fallriver mass.

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Single and Male looking for sun in Spain???

We run a singles friendly bed and breakfast in Spain, on the east coast between Barcelona and Valencia.With the sea 1 minute from our door, and several small nudist beaches, you can swim, bathe and also try nude hiking.Unlike some places in Spain we...