Why are you shaved?

I am wondering why some men prefer to shave their pubic hair. I know some will say because they like to look, feel etc, or their significant other likes the look/feel etc. But, especially for the older nudists, I wonder how many shave to hide the fact that they are getting gray down there and are trying to remail youthful looking.
Just a thought.
I myself have trimmed before, but not shaved at I don't forsee enjoying the maintenance of being shaved, i,e, I am too lazy.


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RE: Why are you shaved?

I suppose it could be said that at 47 I'm 'getting on' a bit lol.
No greys down there but I shave because I think that a full bush looks untidy. Just my personal preference.

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could going grey

just be an excuse ?if just for men works on a beards why not there...

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RE: could going grey

For me there is some grey there, as there is everywhere I've got hair nowadays. I was a shaver for about 5 years and it had nothing to do with the color of the hair, but rather just a preference for having none - it felt great, looked great and that is that. Then I got lazy and tired of the ongoing, daily maintenance to keep everything tidy and neat, so I gave up and now I've just taken to keeping it short. With only weekly or so maintenance it's alot easier. Yep, there is grey there, but then again it's in my chest hair and all over my head, so what! I am in my mid-40's and men get grey then. I'll live.

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RE: could going grey

i agree~ preference....color has nothing to do with it.

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RE: Why are you shaved?

I tried it and I liked it. Just my preference.

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RE: Why are you shaved?

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There is a story behind why I shave:

When I was growing pubic hair at 13 it was only a few hairs
here or there. Seems it took a couple of months and I grew more and
As it was growing I felt itchy. I am not talking about a little itch.

When it was growing I also remember my father would show me
how he shaves his face in the morning before he goes off to work. I
took the bus to school.

He would say "Soak your face, then go slow and steady."
Always was clean shaven and still is, that's why I too am clean shaven

By the time more hair grew it was really horribly itchy. It
got to the point where I wanted it bad enough to try and take my hand to
out the hair. That is how itchy it got that it would HURT to
pull it though. The hair would knot around with other hair from twisting
it all

I didn't tell my Dad about my problem. Feeling hopeless and
at the end of the pain from trying to pull it out. I decided to take a
risk and
use my Father's razor that he uses on his face to shave it away.

He always kept his razor and shaving cream in the medicine
cabinet behind the mirror in the bathroom. I was extremely nervous about
Carefully I put warm water on my crotch. Then put the shaving
cream which I remember as a cooling sensation. (Probably the Menthol.)
Dad wasn't home and I had plenty of time to shave. My hand was
actually shaking because of how much trouble I'd be in if I cut myself
badly or i was caught.

Very slowing and letting the glide of the razor do the work
against my hair. Finally my skin was showing. I did shave it all away
and felt

Yes when I got my first allowance I nervously bought my first razor and hid it in my
room. Trust me those cheap 20 packs of disposable razors can bend on you and dig into your
skin. They can slip out of your hand too. Yeah no fun at all.

The next day though.......RAZOR BURN!!!

To this day though I still get itchy hair when it grows. I
don't get it on my leg hair or anywhere else. I agree with others how
when you can
feel your bare skin on your hand it is highly erotic and a turn
on. The look gets me harder more. In a way it is sort of like a sex
toy. The
"more naked" feeling. The naughty feeling, I agree with all of
it. Those benefits are great and I never planned on it happening. Just
I would get rid of my hair and not feel itchy anymore. Today I
still am totally smooth even my ass crack is smooth too.

It takes time for my skin to adjust to the shaving and over
time it became routine and a little razor burn pimple here or there.
Nothing all
that bad. Though my FAVORITE combination for a razor+shaving cream is:

Mach 3 Razor by Gillette
Coochy Razor Cream

The Coochy Razor Cream comes in a HUGE 16 oz. bottle. I use only a
squirt of it on my hand and it spreads out to my entire pubic hair,
down my balls, in between my ball skin and ass skin, all over my
ass crack and even ass cheeks. Just make sure you have your skin wet
because it spreads easier on wet skin.

The Mach 3 Razor comes in a pack of 4 razors which I use one for
my face and another for pubic shaving. The razor can easily last me
over a month I've gone as far as 3 months with the razors since
my skin doesn't grow much hair and it always glides right over keeping
smooth. /div
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div class="post_content"Today I continue doing this and when my hair
grows. It is still ITCHY AS SIN! Thankfully my routine to shave my
entire pubic region takes about 10 to 15 minutes from start to finish.
As time went on I have gotten really good at it too. I have rarely cut
myself and plan on doing this as long as I grow hair. /div
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div class="post_content"
div class="post_content"Now happily I remain itch free and really love
that other people here share my same view. Thank you for letting me join
this wonderful group Shaved!/div
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div class="post_content" ~Thomas
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This is a story that I have already written in the group "Shaved" naturally I felt I could just share the story here as well. Since you want to why I shave. Yes that is my own true story to bring into the discussion!


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RE: Why are you shaved?

Do you have a hidden camera in my bathroom, how did you know I shaved? There is an article in H&E this month on the subject about shaving for men and women.

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RE: Why are you shaved?

I like the look and feel, as for gray there would most likely be some but been shaveing for so long I don't know. I started in Gremany when I played a lot of tennis (and beer goes with anything in Germany). With all the swet the hair would be a tangeled mess and while going to get rid of the beer the hair would get in the way. As I liked the smooth look on women I gave it a try and never turnned back.

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RE: Why are you shaved?


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RE: Why are you shaved?

I have shaved since I had surgery on my testicles a while back---got an infection and have the loved the feel and look of being smooth. I guess the gray hair doesn't help either

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