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Problem with chat - Can anyone help with font...

When the new chat started, i was told my font size was larger than most in the room. Now it appears that the font is so small, i get no response to my messages in chat. Can anyone help me or let me know who I should contact? Thanks for any help you...

Logging into the chatroom

I have been a member here for several monthes and now for some reason the chat room says that I have the wrong password. I can enter all the other areas of the site with my password. I just don't understand.

Looking for fellow nudists in MD

I live in MD right outside of DC and I am looking for other nudists for social gatherings and events. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


I have added emphasis where I felt it was needed. Otherwise, the words come straight from TT1 Rules for posting on forum/groups (Can be found right here on the forum at - Sexually Suggestive...

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Lady Godiva is alive and well and in...

This one is hot off the press; it is happening now! Only trouble is, I can't get there in time!


We have been on TN for a couple of weeks now and it seems to be an excellent site. We are long time nudists and desperate for some warmer weather in southern England!!

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by maxtisch 
Getting started

I am looking for some help to get photos posted. I have no idea how to get started

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Confused about certification

I posted a couple of pics yesterday for the certification as truenudist. All day, my profile said 'submission acepted, thanks for patience'. Today, my main profile says 'not certified', but if I click on the link to *get* certified,...

Copy and pasting a screen snap shot to reason...

How is it that I believe others have sent a screen snap shot as a reason for flagging? It was a private chat dialog that I tried to paste to the reason for flagging. I found that it won't paste to the reason. I then decided to instead send an...

True Nudist Groups

I belong to a few groups on this site. I think it would be greatwhen we are in a particulargroup page, toseeif anymember of that group is currently online or in the chatroom. The same way when you click on someone's profile and you see their...