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We have been on TN for a couple of weeks now and it seems to be an excellent site. We are long time nudists and desperate for some warmer weather in southern England!!

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by maxtisch 
Getting started

I am looking for some help to get photos posted. I have no idea how to get started

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Confused about certification

I posted a couple of pics yesterday for the certification as truenudist. All day, my profile said 'submission acepted, thanks for patience'. Today, my main profile says 'not certified', but if I click on the link to *get* certified,...

Copy and pasting a screen snap shot to reason...

How is it that I believe others have sent a screen snap shot as a reason for flagging? It was a private chat dialog that I tried to paste to the reason for flagging. I found that it won't paste to the reason. I then decided to instead send an...

True Nudist Groups

I belong to a few groups on this site. I think it would be greatwhen we are in a particulargroup page, toseeif anymember of that group is currently online or in the chatroom. The same way when you click on someone's profile and you see their...

Annual Snow Angel Challenge

Snow blanketed the upper half of the country this weekend with more on the way. Who's got it in them to get out and make snow angels, nude? Let's show all those in the sunny, warm, south, that there's more to this than just avoiding tan...

Chat situation

It's getting really annoying to try to log into chat only to be told that the number of connections is exceeded, try again. What do the admins need to improve this situation? Larry

problem with chatroom - i think?

Hi. Can someone please give me some advise. I can enter the chat area but every time its just a blank screen.

i am looking for nudist in Sinia

dear freinds i am relocated in egypt and really looking for some nudist freinds in Red Sea

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Posting photos, whats going on?

Our last 8 photos have been rejected for some reason. None of them have been even close to violating the terms. The last one was not even a nud photo. It was a picture of lightning that we caught during a storm in Georgia. It seem that ever since the...