Morning Coffee in the nude

How do you take your Coffee?

How do you usually take your coffee? Black, creamy, with or without sugar, ... ? :-))

Good morning!

Coffee on every morning! Stop by for a cup if in Sunny Sands Jan-Apr. :)


We are curious about your morning coffee. Do you have a favorite one, or depending on your morning feeling? Please share your thoughts!

Good Morning!

This is by far my favorite group. I like to check it in the morning with my cup of coffee. I had to upload a picture of me in a hotel in Boston enjoying my coffee and paper.

Coffee after supper

Also like coffee after supper and as the days grow cooler, can still enjoy outside on deck in afternoon. I thought this might belong in the Coffee anytime group but could create a new topic so put it here.

That Morning Cup of Coffee

Living on the coast in North Carolina does have some advantages: warm springs, mild autumns, little snow during the winter (but hilarious when it does). But one of the best things is that its always good to drink coffee outside naked. Unfortunately...

Do you have a favorite Coffee mug?

Do you have a favorite Coffee mug? A mug that is special to you? Or is any mug ok to drink your Coffee from? :-))

Rules for joining REBOOT

I often find requests to join where it's apparent the persons requesting to join have not even read the abbreviated rules under the group heading. Countless times I've visited these perspective members profiles to find BLANK, PRIVATE or...

My favorite roast is.......

I've been a die hard coffee drinker all my life and tried almost every kind there is. Black only! For a long time I would drink a nice golden roast Columbian but for the past 5 years now I've switched up to a Columbian French Roast. I find...