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Purdon crossing near Nevada city, CA

Mostly good hike at purdon. 3.5 miles out and back. Great until I got to the turn around point. Went to take a photo and found my phone missing! Backtrack looking at the ground. Told passersby that I lost a phone and said they would look. Apparently...

Remington hot springs. Kern River,CA

A nice place with three pools to enjoy. Remington is a known naked place. I went down and noticed no one was naked. So I stayed covered. A while later a young un runs in naked. I look around and mom (a self stated hippie) was finishing getting naked...

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Colorado Hikes 2020

I have some great areas I have been hiking lately and would love some company so, am going to try and organize a few hikes over the next couple of months. Please reach out and let me know if you are interested and we can go from there. Most are...

Saline Hot Springs, Death Valley California

Has anybody been to Saline Hot Springs? I've only recently become aware or this place. Certainly hard to get to but it sounds like it would be worth the trip.

North Carolina/South Carolina

Any trails or hot springs in NC or SC that anyone knows about? Thanks.

Valley View hot springs/Orient Land Trust

Anyone else spent time in this beautiful place in Colorado? Spent a few days there, could have easily spent many more, such a nice place to visit.

Nudist Spots in Central Virginia

This may not be the correct area for this topic, but I couldn't find another area that it better fit. I live in central Virginia and know of a spot where outdoor nudism is possible. I say "possible" because there are a few problems...

Harbin Hot Springs

Would like to hear your experiences on Harbin Hot Springs. Would also like to hear from anybody who lives in Southern California and goes to Harbin.

Nude hiking areas in Santa Cruz/Bay Area?

I've visited many of the beaches in the area but wanted to know if anyone was familiar with isolated trails or hiking routes around Santa Cruz or the Bay Area in general that would be good to get naked on ;)

Thetford forest

Hi Looking for someone who will walk naked with me in the forest - only for an hr in the day - do you fancy the thrill ? please let me know Thanks Steve