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Purdon crossing near Nevada city, CA

Mostly good hike at purdon. 3.5 miles out and back. Great until I got to the turn around point. Went to take a photo and found my phone missing! Backtrack looking at the ground. Told passersby that I lost a phone and said they would look. Apparently...

Remington hot springs. Kern River,CA

A nice place with three pools to enjoy. Remington is a known naked place. I went down and noticed no one was naked. So I stayed covered. A while later a young un runs in naked. I look around and mom (a self stated hippie) was finishing getting naked...

Northern California hot springs trip

I will be going to an awesome relaxing resort from the 13th to the 16th, Im single I have a room and I am looking for a thirties to forties female to join me. Please respond with a photo if you are interested.

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Springfield Mo Area

I was wondering if anyone knows of areas that one might go in and around the Springfield area? Counties are pretty small, so any area in the Ozarks would be considered.

Kilt Hiking

I have been hiking in a kilt for the last couple of months. I find it close to hiking naked if on busy trails. At the trail head I stick my shirt in my backpack so all I am wearing are boots, gators, backpack and kilt. IfI feel comfortable, I take...

Gaea Retreat Center in Kansas City

We plan to visit family in Kansas City this year so I've been searching for nudist venues in the area. In my search, I discovered the Gaea Retreat Center, a spiritual wellness location just outside of town where nudity is acceptable and common....

Nudist Spots in Central Virginia

This may not be the correct area for this topic, but I couldn't find another area that it better fit. I live in central Virginia and know of a spot where outdoor nudism is possible. I say "possible" because there are a few problems...

Nevada Wilderness

Doesn't seem to be a lot of posting in this stream lately. I didn't see any discussion of hiking in any of the over a dozen wilderness areas in Nevada (Humboldt-ToiyabeNF). These are vast areas with seldom used trails. These are not desert...

Colorado Hikes 2020

I have some great areas I have been hiking lately and would love some company so, am going to try and organize a few hikes over the next couple of months. Please reach out and let me know if you are interested and we can go from there. Most are...

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