What was your most amusing or embarrassing experience

OK, Let's try this again.

PLEASE don't put your perv sex fantasy wish stories here as they are offensive and not in the spirit of the wholesome nudist lifestyle. Those types of stories will get FLAGGED and removed right away. Post that stuff elsewhere ( like OneClickChicks, or Xamster ) where the other daydreaming perverts and trolls hang out, pud in hand.


What was the most interesting or embarassing social nudity incident that you were envolved in?

Remember, as long time nudists we've all had the unexpected boner experience, so unless it is an important part of the story, lets skip those. Let's keep this thread amusing but G or PG rated.

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RE:What was your most amusing or embarrassing experience

About 5 years ago our friend John decided that he would give his wife Mary a surprise party for her 50th birthday. They were a little new to nudism and had met up with our group a few times at the DeAnza resort over the previous summer. Although they had been casual home nudists for some time, this would be their first at home social nudist experience. Counting John & Mary there would be a total of 5 couples in attendance.

Mary usually got home from work at 5:30 so the plan was to meet there by 5 and help John setup. We picked up 2 dozen rolled tacos from our favorite taco shop, my sister made a melon bowl, and the other 2 couples brought wine and champagne. We all arrived on time, stashed our clothes in the guest room, and set out the munchies and adult beverages. We finished a little early so we had time to blow up a few balloons and hang some crepe streamers.

We sat around and had a little wine and gabbed while we waited for the guest of honor to arrive. Then Amy said that Mary was getting several surprises, noting that Johh had shaved off both his goatee and pubes for the occasion. And just than we heard the garage door start to open. She had arrived and was going to enter directly into the den. We quickly went to our hiding spots and waited.

Then the big surprise was on us. The door opened and an elderly couple walked in, followed by Mary. It was her mom & dad. They had just flown in from Salt Lake City and she had picked them from the airport. My sister, Lori and their husbands were standing there in full view, nude, wine in hand ready to yell "surprise". My wife and I were hiding behind the drapes while John, Amy and her husband were by the kitchen counter.

Mary's mom covered her eyes while her dad just stared mouth open in disbelief. The look on their faces was priceless. Mary went from surprised to pissed in 2 seconds. John quickly grabbed a towel to cover up and tried to explain the situation. And 4 naked couples simultaneously raced down the hall to grab their clothes. After a quick discussion we all sneaked out the front door without saying a word.

The following weekend we all met up again at my sister house, including John & Mary. They brought the champagne and we had a "belated" birthday toast. They said they had to do a lot of fast talking to calm her parents. They are Mormons and could not imagine their daughter participating in "something like that". But in the end they smoothed things over and hoped all was well again. It gave us another great memory that we still joke about. I don't know if they ate the tacos but Mary said she did like John's new look.

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RE:What was your most amusing or embarrassing experience

It would have to be a visit to our nudist friend's home in WA. They had invited our group of friends, 3 couples plus themselves, for a long weekend in their home on 6 acres of mostly private land in the foothills. He picked us all up at the airport at once. It was a logistical challenge but the 3 out of state/country guests coordinated flights so we arrived around the same time. One couple had to sit in the bar for hour ... we didn't mind!

Once at our friend's home, we were given our guest room assignments and everyone emerged naked! The wine and booze began to flow and conversation was non stop! We had an awesome dinner and more conversation, catching up and after dinner drinks ... which is pretty usual for our group. We all turned in around 11 pm with hugs goodnight and "can't wait til we see each other again in the morning," wishes.

Around 11:30pm, our friends got a cell phone call that their youngest son was coming home unexpectedly from college. He'd said he wasn't coming home that weekend so our friends felt that was a good time to have this gathering. No sons, good weather ... nakedness for 4 straight days and nights! This announcement upset our friends/hosts but they couldn't very well put their son out in his car on the driveway. Luckily, they had a spare bedroom to put him up in but we were all asleep and didn't know he was home.

The next morning, the coffee begins brewing and that's the signal that some are up and ready to start the day. My wife and I are early risers anyway but still unaware that our friend's son is home and isn't privy to his parents being naked around others and that these friends visiting are nudists and running around his home naked! We get up and do our morning things in the bathroom and both emerge naked and head to the family room for coffee (me) and hot tea (she). When we get to the family room, our friend the host jumps up and says ... "crap, forgot to tell you that Bobby's home!" My wife freezes. Our friend runs down the hallway to the room his son is occupying. As my wife begins to walk fast back to our room, with me right behind her, our friend gets to the door just as his son is opening the door. Our friend grabs the door handle and is holding the door closed til we get into our room. At this time, the adjacent door opens and it's our other nudist female friend emerging from her room ... naked. Our host friend motions for her to go back into her room and she looks really puzzled but does so. We get into our room and close the door, our host friend lets go of the door and his son emerges asking "what the hell, why were you holding the door!?" He came up with an prank excuse and we all emerged wearing something.

My wife slipped on shorts and a t shirt and we all greeted this young man in the kitchen. He began to look at my wife's chest and I thought, he can tell she's braless! She wasn't paying much attention to it but as I looked at my wife's chest to see just how much this young man could see ... it wasn't so much that my wife was braless as it was the t shirt she was wearing. It read "I do all my own nude scenes!" The first t shirt she could grab and didn't think to see which one it was!

Our friend's son left for a friends house soon after breakfast and we had the place to ourselves the rest of the visit!

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RE:What was your most amusing or embarrassing experience

when i was in my late 30s , i was dating a woman that lived in the country and had a long S shaped driveway that went up a hill to her house
after meeting me she had embraced the nudist lifestyle and one afternoon about 5 PM
we were out in her yard nude working putting the finishing touches on a cement goldfish pond that she asked me to help her build , when we saw a pick up truck pull up to her house
it was a guy in his 40s selling TV dishes....( this was way before Direct TV or dish network ) he caught us totally off guard so we just walked up and asked him what could we do for him ? the look on his face was as they say "priceless" we just stood and talked to him while he tried to keep a straight face and his eyes at eye level , he left and we laughed at the whole thing and went back to work

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RE:What was your most amusing or embarrassing experience

Embarrassing I guess my morning paper boy has a bad aim half the time he misses the porch , one morning it was a little latter then normal I looked out and the paper had landed on the far end off to the side of the porch so I looked it was clear I ran off the porch nude to the other side as I was getting my paper I looked up there was my neighbor looking at me the only thing I though of doing was to say morning she waved and said morning back

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RE:What was your most amusing or embarrassing experience

I used to hike up the farmer's lane across the road. I would do it at all times of the day but mostly predawn. Several years ago it was warm enough one April morning to go for a nude hike. I had hiked out the 3/4 mile and was coming back when I saw lights along the road that I normally do not see at the hour. I did not think much of it, but continued back up the lane my eyes adjusted to hiking in the near darkness. When I was about 1/5 mile from home out of the darkness came two camo clad hunters. We passed within feet of each other. I said " morning guys" they mumbled " hi" and we each kept going in opposite directions. Their truck was at the head of the lane which is just across from my rural home. It was their headlights I had seen while hiking. Turns out it was opening day of spring wild turkey season. Nothing ever came of it. The farmer knew I hiked his land, if his sons or hired hands told him about their nude encounter he never called and told me to stop hiking

I was hard pressed to come up with truly embarrassing one but did think what happened this past January while staying at a Airbnb. The guy was single, told me he was a massage therapist and I had mentioned my lack of clothes habit when i hosted guests myself when we visited the night before. So when I got up in the morning and went out to eat breakfast I stayed bare. When he came out he was " nope not in my house" I apologized and slipped on some shorts and a tee. Honestly surprised me from our conversation the night before.

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RE:What was your most amusing or embarrassing experience

.. ... ... ... ... I looked up there was my neighbor looking at me the only thing I though of doing was to say morning she waved and said morning back
That's what usually happens in these circumstances.

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RE:What was your most amusing or embarrassing experience

The only one I can remember was one sunny afternoon a few years back when I was sitting on the back patio enjoying a cup of tea when a lady appeared from up the front drive. She wanted to thank my wife for some flowering poppies which she had been given the previous summer and had brought some photographs.
She sat down opposite me and we chatted in a friendly way for about a quarter of an hour and without my state of undress being mentioned before she left.
What had me totally embarrassed was that I could think of no way to offer her a cup of tea without standing and giving her a full eye-level view of my genitals.
Later I took the attached picture of the view that the lady would have had when she arrived.

I also had an amusing but less embarrassing incident with an accidental erection on an early naturist holiday I took with my wife.
We were sunbathing naked on the beach when I, at last, persuaded my wife to come for a swim with me. While we were walking down the beach to the sea I suddenly realised that I was sporting a full erection so I tried to walk diagonally behind her so that it would be partially concealed and less visible against her tanned flesh tones. Unfortunately her reaction was to walk slightly behind me unknowingly exposing my erection to full view.
She was somewhat shamefaced when I explained to her later what had happened.

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RE:What was your most amusing or embarrassing experience

Very recently, I was seen, while naked, by the neighbor lady across the street, more so than I think she's seen me before. I know her husband has seen me while going out to my car on the street and bringing it up on the driveway very late at night and there have been times I've been in the garage and the garage door is open and I'm not sure how clearly they can see but she's seen me and waved several times. I know I've seen them in their garage but can't see them clearly enough but could make out if there were naked or not ... but don't think they partake in clothesfree living! ;D

This time, I was bringing in the trash bins from the side walkway. I'd brought them up in the afternoon the day before. We'd just gotten home from running errands and I was fully clothed. I figured I'd go inside, take off the clothes and put them back in later in the day or evening. They stayed out there all night and the next morning when I went out the side door from garage to side yard to dump some trash, I realized I'd forgotten to bring the bins back in.

I unlocked the gate, opened it slightly to ensure the coast was clear. It seemed quiet enough so I propped the gate open and grabbed the first bin and brought it into the side yard. I returned to grab the next one and there was our neighbor on her balcony looking at me. I'm standing naked in full view. I'm thinking ... "oh crap... this won't go over well," but she just smiled and waved. She was on her cell phone and usually she talks so loud that the entire neighborhood can hear her but she was pretty quiet this time. I grabbed the next bin and brought it back and thought she would have sat down or gone inside but she was still there. I figured, she's seen me already so I'll just go grab the other bin. I did, she smiled again and waited until I brought the other bin in and walked to the gate to close it. She just smiled and waved again and then went and sat down ... and began talking loud again! :DDDD She's Filipino so I'm not sure what she was saying to whoever was on the other side of the conversation. More amusing, I guess, because she just stood there watching me until there was no more of me to watch! :D

Next incident;

Our previous next door neighbor heard me talking on my phone to a close female nudist friend. I was laughing and probably talking loudly and it got the neighbor's attention. I'm leaning against our outdoor kitchen counter when he looks over the fence and waves. I'm standing naked, full view again, and wave back with an "oh crap" look across my face. He motions to me that he wants to talk to me on the phone. I give him a thumbs up and signal him with 20 mins. I finish my conversation with my friend and sit on the patio and wait for the phone call I'm dreading will ask me to not walk around naked because they can see us.

My cell phone rings and it's my neighbor. Casual greeting proceed his inquiry ... "can I get the number to your pool service? Our guy sucks!" Whew ... that worked out great. I should have mentioned that I was sorry if I embarrassed him or offended him but he just kept up the casual conversation and I figured I wasn't going to bring it up if he wasn't and if he wasn't, he must be okay with our nudity. I'm sure he was fine with my wife's nudity out there but might have issues with mine! :DDD

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RE:What was your most amusing or embarrassing experience

In my early twenties l was with my girlfriend on a nudebeach in the early evening. We found a place far away from other people on the beach and start playing and massaging eachother. After 10 minutes a guy came sitting next to us and asked us if he could watch us playing. He thought he could watch live porn on the beach. Ok, we were both horny, but after that question we left the beach very fast and finished at home.

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RE:What was your most amusing or embarrassing experience

I try to be reasonably careful so I don't have too many experiences like this but here is one nude and one inadequately clothed.

One morning I was eating breakfast nude when our next door neighbor (older female) calls "Hello" and walks in.
I just stayed seated so I don't think she saw it everything.
She had already caught me in my underwear more than once when she just walked in.
Eventually she learned to wait for someone to let her in.

I had been working in the yard all day so I decided to shower before dinner.
You can see the hallway between the master bedroom and downstairs bathroom from our living room.
I only took my briefs into the bathroom to put on, figuring that I would finish dressing in the living room.
My son had mentioned that his best friend might be stopping by, but I didn't care if a young adult male got a glimpse of me in just briefs.
When I heard the doorbell while shaving I assumed it was his friend.
However, when I stepped out of the bathroom, there was my son's new girlfriend, sitting in the living room chair that faced the door to the hall.

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