Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity


I have heard that boating is a good activity to do nude, once you are away from the marina. Haven't done it myself because I don't have access to a boat. Who here has tried it?

Burned the trash and disappointed

I live rural and generally burn my trash. I wait until the conditions are safe to do it. No wind, recent rains. Today i awoke to a dead calm dense fog morning. I hauled several trash bags out to the burn pile and lit it up. Made several trips to get...

Naked Adelaide - nightclub

Enjoy a dance and a drink, Naked Adelaide is hosting a nude night club night at a City venue. 19 May. Visit the Facebook page to see more details. I dont run it, you can ask the site manager on Facebook.

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If nudity was legal in your area how soon...

Would most of us be comfortable walking into a grocery store nude if 99.9 percent of the folks around us were clothed. It would definately need to be warm outside.

2018 World Naked Bike Ride

. To promote cycling, demonstrate vulnerability of cyclist, riding in celebration, jubilation to deliver a vision of a cleaner, safer, body-positive world to the masses. (


Who here only swims nude and owns no swimwear? I do own some and suspect I always will since there are places I like to go that are not clothing optional and there are people I want to be with who are not nude tolerant.

Nude Modeling

Anyone have experience modeling for students/artists? I like to sketch in a couple of drawing studios, and last year I was asked if I would be willing to model. I first said no! - felt uncomfortable with the idea of posing in the buff before a large...

Nude art model for class

Going to my first ever Nude Art Modeling session tomorrow evening! It should be interesting not really sure what to expect. Although I have modeled a number of times in the past year for solo photographers.

wearing clothes when nude

I am naked under my clothes.Therefore, I am wearing clothes while nude, whenever necessary.:)

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