Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity

Climbing Nude

hey! Anyone know of good places to climb nude in the NorthEast US? I'm getting into climbing would like to try climbing nude too!

***Cooking in the nude***

Besides me, who else likes to cook in the nude? Share your story! Since the default for me is to be nude at home, so I cook in the nude almost always.

Outside property maintenance

How many do the outside maintenance of your naked as I do the windows, wash of the walls/bottom of the guttering but not yet done the colouring as this hasn't been done sense I started been a nudist. The most daring part I have done so far is to...

Nude Yoga

I teach nude yoga classes online and do so out of my home. The only space I have that is roomy enough is my living room and since I teach morning classes my neighbors and whomever else might be walking by ends up getting a show lol. I do not close...

Vehicle repair

Has any body worked on your car or truck in the nude? I find that it is more comfortable to move around with out being restricted by clothes. The only time I wear something is if I'm going to get really dirty. I once did a complete brake job...

Things you wouldn't do naked

I was looking for options near me to be naked. I'm in Scotland and it's a bit cold and that is limiting my options. Nothing wrong with jusy being naked in the house just nice to be a bit more social. While I was looking I came across a naked...

SO have you been busted?

We all want to be nude!! But have you been busted by a friend or relative being nude? truying to explain away the nudity... Let's talk about it...


I have heard that boating is a good activity to do nude, once you are away from the marina. Haven't done it myself because I don't have access to a boat. Who here has tried it?