Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity

What did you do nude in the outdoors...

Well, it's finally getting nice warm weather on the northern hemisphere, so I thought it would be interesting and inspiring to hear what people do under the blue sky while not burdening with clothes. OK? I honestly don't know if there is...

Spray tans in the winter?

Hey guys, With Winter coming up what do yo do to stay golden? Does anyone spray tan? I'm fortunate enough to be tan naturally but I realize others aren't so lucky. Living in AZ we get pretty great weather even in the Winters but it can still...

Naked projects

Hi guys, Maybe some of you know my dressed-undressed blog: Last year I startarted with a few similar projects - an extended version of my previous blog, one for home nudists,...

Washing the Car

Who does it nude? I don't because my driveway is in front with no screening and live on a busy street. Have done it in a skimpy swim brief. Probably would wash it more often if I could do it nude.

Water Skiing

Seeing a post where someone was riding a jet ski nude made me wonder. has anyone water skied nude?

Here in Kenya you ask?

Well since outdoor nudism is still not allowed here, when I'm home I cook, I eat, I clean, I work on my laptop completely clothes free. It's normally so energising.

Scuba diving

Being a lifelong nudist there is one thing for sure I can assure you, eventually others will see you naked whether or not it was planned! These are stories of a few memorable moments that I have endured while being caught naked! Caught naked in the...

Blueberry Picking

Added to my things done naked. We hiked in two miles to a blueberry patch (naked of course) and spent two hours picking blueberries. Awesome day.

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