Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity

Adelaide nude BBQ

Hey Adelaide women and men, on Saturday 24 Feb 4pm to 8pm. There is a nude BBQ party in the beer garden of a CBD venue. For more info, search for Naked Adelaide on Facebook

Latest Post

If you intentionally take a nap at home, do you do it naked? I generally do.

Taking a hike

Every once in a while, I take a hike along some walking and hiking trails. Doing it in the nude is the best way to hike allowing the breeze to go around your skin and sweat doesn't cling to you as much. Anyone agree?

Favorite activity during the winter.

What does everyone like to do nude during the winter? I am a home nudist and would love to find nude activities outside the house. What are some favorites? Also looking to meet and talk with others and make some new like minded friends

Nude Bucket List

The concept of a Bucket List is a hypothetical list of things you'd like to do before you 'kick the bucket'.Here's my nude Bucket ListI'm still new to the naturist scene so my list isn't all that long..... yet!What's...

Nude gaming

Anyone here play any online games? I always play overwatch and league of legends nude. Definitely makes me play better ha!

Looking for a resort and beach to take wife...

Looking for recommendations for a clothing optional resort and or a nude beach with a close hotel to the beach in the United States or Caribbeans to take the wife to the first week in April. Just need some warm sun. This winter cold weather is...

New year's resolutions

So as naturists what is on the to do list for everyone? Mine is not get any older - might fail that one meet more people on the beach and chat - should be ok on that one get a friend with a hot tub ready for next winters nude hibernation - might have...

Singing In the Nude/ Playing An Instrument

Hi. I've seen many people doing things such as online gaming naked, working from home naked, cleaning while naked. Well As a musician and singer, I love to play music, create music, sing, and produce music in the nude. It gives me a liberation...

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