Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity

what are your hobbies ?

being retired i have to find interesting things to do just to keep from going nuts so my hobbies include everything from gardening to building R/C aircraft whats yours ?

2019 World Naked Bike Ride

CANADA Toronto - June 8 - Vancouver - July 27 - Montreal - August 10 - EUROPE Cork - June 8 -...

Wgat do you NOT like to do whilst naked?

So... I love being nude. The freedom, the erotic tension (yes, it is there... even if you are a stark nudity is no about sex you must admit, your sexual organs are on display)... but there a THREE things I do not like doing in the nude. (I think Ive...

Outdoor Nudist: Nude Camping and Hiking

"Whether you want to do it to try something new, even out your tan lines, or just get back to nature, we're here to help you get started." Nude Camping - Naked Hiking -...


I have heard that boating is a good activity to do nude, once you are away from the marina. Haven't done it myself because I don't have access to a boat. Who here has tried it?

Gardening in the nude

I love to tend my garden wearing only sandals. Here in Arizona there are sunny days all 12 months of the year, so weather is not always an issue.

***Cooking in the nude***

Besides me, who else likes to cook in the nude? Share your story! Since the default for me is to be nude at home, so I cook in the nude almost always.

If nudity was legal in your area how soon...

Would most of us be comfortable walking into a grocery store nude if 99.9 percent of the folks around us were clothed. It would definately need to be warm outside.