Sex and Sexuality

Discussions about the line between sex and being nude

Is There a Sexual Side to Nudism?

As a nudist I feel that it is unfortunate that Nudism is equated to sexual perversion. Do you feel that there is possibly a sexual side to nudism?

bi and bi

Just wandering if there are any other bi nudists here.


I wanted to discuss a blurry line for myself with nudism and sexuality. Part of what I enjoy so much about being a nudist is being able to see other men naked. This is clearly voyeurism but isn't necessarily a sexual voyeurism, but rather an...

ED discussion

I realize this isn't, directly, about nudism, however, feel like there is a sane, reasonable group of people on TN who's opinions/experiences and thoughts I'd be curious to hear. I've started a new relationship with a woman, whom...

A different "erection" question.

I usually don't discuss "erection questions" because it's been "done to death." But recently I was confronted with a different kind of erection issue. So I was at a nudist venue (which will remain confidential because...

Bi sexuality

Im'e bi sexual and love to be naked with others outdoors or indoors ; i am verry sexual minded , but can control my feelings , sexuality can just be talking to another person naked .

Nudism Impact on Sexuality

I would like to hear how nudism has impacted your sexuality, if at all. When sex is stripped away from nudity, do you become less sexual in general? Do you lose taste for fetishes, particularly relating to certain body parts when you see them all...

Jewelry - Genital, Nipple and Anal

Does anyone like to wear jewelry? Not just any jewelry but nipple rings, cock rings, pierced vagina and stuff like that. My GF and I have been to a nudist campground here in Missouri a few times. It is a very prudish nudist place. Tons of rules. One...

Does size matter?

Is bigger better? Or is how you use it that matters? This is one for all you size queens out there lol ;) xxx

Terminology *Bisexual*

I've seen this a staggering number of times now, so I am writing a little post about it. When you are bisexual, it means that you are attracted on some level to both men and women. When you are in a relationship of any kind that is...