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parent talk: have you ever been caught by...

What do you do in a situation like that?We all have different methods and different theories to share with our kids, but what's your story?Have you ever been caught? What happened & how did it turn out?

Am I a Nudist or a Pervert?

I know there's a huge difference between nudity and sex. Unfortunately for me the lines seem to blur. I like being seen naked. And I like seeing other people naked (especially girls). There is an excitement to it that I can't explain. The...

not a free for all

When I first went nude on a public beach it was through a partner and a dare he made that I was too much of a prude and would never do it..........well being the stubborn lady I am, I said 'ok lets go to the local nudist beach and see,' so we...

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Does size matter?

Is bigger better? Or is how you use it that matters? This is one for all you size queens out there lol ;) xxx

is sex allowed in capdiadge beach?

I have seen videos of people having sex in capdeage beach so i was asking whether it is true or not?

question for women,

Asking simply from an aesthetic view does the size of a penis mean anything to you? If you see someone a little larger downstairs does it make you wonder if he is better in bed? Does it make you feel more intrigued to perhaps hook up with him? I feel...

Sex Discussions

When I'm with friends and we're clothed, we sometimes get onto the subject of sex. Is it okay to have sex discussions among friends even when we're nude?


I wanted to discuss a blurry line for myself with nudism and sexuality. Part of what I enjoy so much about being a nudist is being able to see other men naked. This is clearly voyeurism but isn't necessarily a sexual voyeurism, but rather an...

Is There a Sexual Side to Nudism?

As a nudist I feel that it is unfortunate that Nudism is equated to sexual perversion. Do you feel that there is possibly a sexual side to nudism?