Sex and Sexuality

Discussions about the line between sex and being nude

Cuddling, kissing and showing other signs of...

I have read with interest the views ofothers in regards to nudism and sexual behaviour and thats left me wondering what people thoughts were on the open display of affection by couples. Im not talking about sex, but about havinga cuddle or kissing...

What to do about erections!!!

Hi everyone just found "True nudists" today! I start with a daring question.Erections, get them all the time, driving, showering, walking etc. I always have think. Even in phases of life with loots of no sex it happens. Its just me as a...

is sex allowed in capdiadge beach?

I have seen videos of people having sex in capdeage beach so i was asking whether it is true or not?

Is There a Sexual Side to Nudism?

As a nudist I feel that it is unfortunate that Nudism is equated to sexual perversion. Do you feel that there is possibly a sexual side to nudism?

HIV Undetectable

This is a phrase we see and hear often. But some of us (me included) aren't 100% sure of the meaning. I know it means that the person has a low viral load and is healthier(as far as HIV goes) than someone who is positive. I'm unclear, though,...

Naturism and Nudism

Naturism means to understand, respect and love the Nature, starting by our human nature which has deep roots in a natural naked past when we evolved our sexual attraction as the tie between us, affection and the bigger joy we can have and share,...

What a shame

Just walked through the member group for Avalon. It's very heavily weighted with older males(like me). A few couples and hardly any females. Seems to me the rest of the site is the same; in fact, even worse than it was a few years ago....

nudist dating

Has anyone gone on a first or second date naked? I'm not talking about deciding to have sex. I'm talking just about getting to know a fellow nudist with the hope of establishing a relationship. If so, tell us about the experience.

Am I a Nudist or a Pervert?

I know there's a huge difference between nudity and sex. Unfortunately for me the lines seem to blur. I like being seen naked. And I like seeing other people naked (especially girls). There is an excitement to it that I can't explain. The...

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