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Body adornment

What sort of body adornments do you consider 'fit' within the nudist ethos? I've seen negative comments about the use of cock rings on men and wonder why these would be perceived any differently to a piercing or tattoo. Do people see cock...

Bi sexuality

Im'e bi sexual and love to be naked with others outdoors or indoors ; i am verry sexual minded , but can control my feelings , sexuality can just be talking to another person naked .

Mar67009 the Nympho wants to be my friend.

Oh, she's a 30 year old cutie! Just look at her suckin' on that lollipop!Oh wait, that's not a lollipop, its,its its a butt plug! And she's volunteering her services. Do I drool now?No wonder she's racking up the guy followers in...

Is There a Sexual Side to Nudism?

As a nudist I feel that it is unfortunate that Nudism is equated to sexual perversion. Do you feel that there is possibly a sexual side to nudism?

Okay, so here's the deal

My wife and I used to go to nude resorts. We both loved it! We would get naked, have some sun and pool, meet new friends and laugh the day away. Then she got sick. She's barely been conscious for 3 years. I take care of her. There were hospitals...

Does size matter?

Is bigger better? Or is how you use it that matters? This is one for all you size queens out there lol ;) xxx

Snap chat

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Why is sex so evil?

I am new to true nudists and I noticed that almost everywhere (before uploading pictures, posting comments, writing in the forum...) one must first confirm that one has absolutely no sexual aims. What's wrong with sexuality? It's just a part...

nudist dating

Has anyone gone on a first or second date naked? I'm not talking about deciding to have sex. I'm talking just about getting to know a fellow nudist with the hope of establishing a relationship. If so, tell us about the experience.