Sex and Sexuality

Discussions about the line between sex and being nude

Sex sold on Truenudists?

I wonder at times if tn is a nudist sight or a porn sight. Why are pictures allowed that the rules clearly state are unacceptable? Do we need more moderators? I volunteer to help with pictures if this is the problem. And I hear a lot of hub-bub about...


I wanted to discuss a blurry line for myself with nudism and sexuality. Part of what I enjoy so much about being a nudist is being able to see other men naked. This is clearly voyeurism but isn't necessarily a sexual voyeurism, but rather an...


I truly love looking at nude women for they are truly a work of Gods creation and I immerse in their loveliness of their breasts and their most beautiful hairy triangle and vaginas A womens' vagina is one of the most lovely creation on earth , I...

question for women,

Asking simply from an aesthetic view does the size of a penis mean anything to you? If you see someone a little larger downstairs does it make you wonder if he is better in bed? Does it make you feel more intrigued to perhaps hook up with him? I feel...

is sex allowed in capdiadge beach?

I have seen videos of people having sex in capdeage beach so i was asking whether it is true or not?

My sexuality revolves around nudism

So here is my situation with sex. Over the years my sexual excitement is all wrapped up with my nudism. Here is what I mean: First of all I would never be inappropriate in a nudist environment, I understand the need for being modest there. So if...

Is There a Sexual Side to Nudism?

As a nudist I feel that it is unfortunate that Nudism is equated to sexual perversion. Do you feel that there is possibly a sexual side to nudism?

Voyeuristic ladies in here?

hi there to the female part in here, Is there any one who is practicing voyeurism? I like to show off on skype but also in the evenings in my flat . I live on ground floor and i am nudist whi likes if ladies peak in... anyone here?

TN or exhibitionist/voyeur?

I've been on & off this site for over a year now. I came on this site initially through google search as I wanted to find a nude beach and this website popped up. I made a profile because I enjoy communicating with like minded people, learning...

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