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bi and bi

Just wandering if there are any other bi nudists here.

Mar67009 the Nympho wants to be my friend.

Oh, she's a 30 year old cutie! Just look at her suckin' on that lollipop!Oh wait, that's not a lollipop, its,its its a butt plug! And she's volunteering her services. Do I drool now?No wonder she's racking up the guy followers in...

Am I a Nudist or a Pervert?

I know there's a huge difference between nudity and sex. Unfortunately for me the lines seem to blur. I like being seen naked. And I like seeing other people naked (especially girls). There is an excitement to it that I can't explain. The...

Bi sexuality

Im'e bi sexual and love to be naked with others outdoors or indoors ; i am verry sexual minded , but can control my feelings , sexuality can just be talking to another person naked .


I wanted to discuss a blurry line for myself with nudism and sexuality. Part of what I enjoy so much about being a nudist is being able to see other men naked. This is clearly voyeurism but isn't necessarily a sexual voyeurism, but rather an...

Is There a Sexual Side to Nudism?

As a nudist I feel that it is unfortunate that Nudism is equated to sexual perversion. Do you feel that there is possibly a sexual side to nudism?

What if someone complimented you on your...

So, I'm checking out a leak under the sink this morning, my naked self sprawled out on the kitchen floor. Wifey walks in to top off her coffee cup, sees my headless torso and says "Nice Penis"! Sometimes I'll comment to her,...

Does size matter?

Is bigger better? Or is how you use it that matters? This is one for all you size queens out there lol ;) xxx

Learn it, Live it, Love it.

This. All day this. All night this. Tomorrow and every dang day after THIS! This is my position on the issue, always has been, and always will be. It's just stated far more eloquently than I can manage because I'm just plain exasperated by...

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HIV Undetectable

This is a phrase we see and hear often. But some of us (me included) aren't 100% sure of the meaning. I know it means that the person has a low viral load and is healthier(as far as HIV goes) than someone who is positive. I'm unclear, though,...