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Discussions about the Legality of Nudist Areas and Nudism

Nudity of children and it's link to...

I apologise for the formatting marks. This is due to it being copied from a pdf document. font face="LiberationSerif-Bold" size="3"/fontfont face="LiberationSerif-Bold" size="3"/font p align="left" p...

DO NOT REPLY TO Why Is Nudism Not Illegal

This leads to an Adult Dating site.

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Nudity as Public Nuisance

This bulletin is to clarify the requirements for arrest, cite and release of persons violating Penal Codes 314 or 372. Penal Code 314 states: Every person who willfullyandlewdly, Exposes his person, or the private parts thereof, in any public place,...

Legal Question?

We live in Southern California and when we go in our jacuzzi in the backyard we never wear clothes. Not in it or walking to or treating it afterward. Our question is, since it's in our own back yard do we face any problems? Keep in mind we are in...

You can't be nude In your Home

p class="MsoNormal"I dont know if it qualifies me as a nudist but I do a lot around my home in the nude.span /spanWhen I heard this story I found it to be just one more transgression by the government on our American liberties. It just...

Naturist Action Committee Alert, Vermont area...

font size="2"********************************************************************** NATURIST ACTION COMMITTEE ACTION ALERT **********************************************************************

another teacher forced to resign over nude...

a teacher in pennsylvania is being forced to resign after nude photos were found online and uploaded to students cellphones. my question why are teachers, police officers and firefighters held to a higher standard than are elected officals who are...

Laws on Public Nudity in Spain

As there seem to be alot of topics being posted on here about the laws in various countries and territories, I thought I'd add this one. According to the Spanish Constitution made in 1978 (article 18), "one has the right to have one's...

Complacent and Happy?

Complacent and Happy? DONT BE From time to time, we hear of yet another clothing optional beach where officials have decided that anti-nudity laws should be enforced. When is the last time you have heard of a new beach being designated as clothing...


I sure hope it's legal for me to post nude phots of myself & friends on this website ? I asume it is but I'd like to be sure. Best regards ; the Stever.

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