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Discussions on relucant spouses and Nudism as a couple

Seeking Central Valley Folks

Looking for other Couples who are in our area for friendship. Couples only.. why, because there are plenty of single naked men at public area's. We are a couple and prefer to meet others who are close by.

People are strange

I find people strange with their views. Take jono60 for instance, their profile page is blocked as private but have a picture lower half only no faces shown. Ok that is their right, when I wrote saying hi to see if we had anything in common, they...

Naturism and the Non Naturist Spouse

I've seen a number of posts wondering how to get the spouse interested in nude activities and social nudity. I think that best answer isn't necessary in trying to convince them with words. Like the old saying goes, "words are...

Who else loves showing off their wife.

Besides the awesome feeling of being nude and free I have to admit that a big reason I love nudism is the rush I get when my wife is naked in front of others at a beach or resort.....or I guess anywhere I can get her clothes off lol.

Deciding on our first nakation

We are looking at taking a trip to a nudist resort or beach this summer for the first time. Hoping for some feedback or info on the places we are eye balling and maybe some places we've over looked. Age ranges, activities, amenities etc ...


Hi were are a couple who thinks piercings " down there " are beautyful. pleas let us know how much it hurts =) and the best places,, and yes we are serious... best nude regards Rikke & Matin .. P.s. No single men.

When did you know you were a nudist

I was 11 years old when I started , with the neighborhood boys , we used to run around the woods naked we just loved to do it as much as possible never sexual just enjoy taking our clothes off. what was your first experience ?

Enter marriage/relationship with non- nudist

Hi all, I would like some thoughts on whether a middle aged person should consider entering into marriage or committed relationship with a non-nudist. Knowing nudism is something she is completely committed to. Should she go ahead knowing she will...

Couples around Cambridgeshire

Hi Looking for couples to join us for socials xx Message ilus xx Dee and Bill x

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Barehide Ranch

Has anyone been to Barehide ranch near Dallas? From the website it get the feeling it is more of a swingers resort than naturist.

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