Conduct and Etiquette

Discussions on what is acceptable behavior in social nudist settings

The Etiquette of Private Chatting.

A few thoughts on the etiquette of private chatting which I follow and would like to share. Firstly, this is a nudist site and so entitles you to be nude but not pornographic or offensive. There is a thin dividing line between nudity and sex ; we...

Latest PostWell said sir
by NudistNikh 

Sadly when even a "true" nudist website gets it twisted with their advertising about "You're Missing A Lot", with hands over privates, what many men and unfortunately even some women now, need to understand, as a TRUE nudist,...

How Not To Be Creepy

Here are behaviors to avoid according to the article. 1. Dont make comments on others bodies or looks, even if its meant as a compliment. 2. Dont initiate physical touch with people you just met. 3. Keep a respective distance 4. Flirt with caution....

Invite for nude swim

We have been invited by another couple to go to their house and go swimming with them and lay out nude. After exchanging some pictures, I (male) find her extremely attractive and scared that I will get turned on. I've never been that turned on by...


In the spirit of friendship, I sent a friend request to a certain individual on this site. Instead of just hitting the reject button, this person sent me an insulting message about the size of a particular body part...and I'm sure they...

Nudity and towels - Nonpublic settings

So I believe I understand about using towels in public settings like beaches and resorts including the reason behind the rule. I am curious about in "private" social setting such as visiting a friends house or being invited to another...

Kicked Out For No Reason - LESandSHARON

I was just kicked out of the chatroom for no reason. I was on cam with my head and shoulders only in view. I was chatting in the room with some friends, received a message from LESandSHARON "Don't be rude to me" and then I was kicked...

Nude hiking in Nudist Resorts Backyard

So near where I live there is a nudist resort that is connected to a large area of wilderness that contains hiking trails. One of the things the resort advertises is that you can do nude hiking on these trails, a small part of which are connected...

New Group: 10 Commandments of Nudism

It seems like a good topic for me and other newbies.If you can add to the discussion - pls do.22tango2

on the soap box

i have noticed quite a few profiles that are blank or have restricted access, or photos that are not visable, i.e. friends only, certified only etc. this is a nudist site, presumably we are all nudists, why post photos/profiles and block access? i...

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