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Where is the most unexpected place you...

Where and when were you able to bare all that when you started the day or trip you had no idea you would have some nude time? I think one of mine was baring all during the solar eclipse last summer while visiting some friends near Nashville. Where is...

have you ever told your doctor your a nudist...

a couple of years ago i changed doctors ,and the new doc was a young guy fresh out of med school after talking to me he handed me one of those gowns and said he would step out while i got changed into it , before i could say/do anything my wife said...

Blocked by users

So I have noticed a few profiles I have clicked on I am blocked. Now I have never spoken with, requested friendships, or have looked at their profile before. Yet I click on their profile to find out more about them and it pops up that they have...

Milestone day

Today is a special day for my wife and I. Today we celebrate 43 years of marriage together. We have endured a lot of hardship in these years and thankfully it gave us the strength to continue on.Life isnt always easy nor is marriage and fortunatly we...

traveling Miami to Houston

Hello everyone. I am traveling by car from Miami to Houston from May 20 to May 21 (Sunday and Monday). I will be traveling along Interstate 10 eastbound. If any fellow nudists want to meet and say hello, just let me know. I will probably stay the...

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Hair removal

So I am curious as to what everyone that is a smoothie uses to remove the hair? Do you just use a razor? Waxing? Other? Has anyone gone as far as permanent hair removal by going laser? I use a razor for my penis and balls while using a good layer of...

teamtrue has some sorry mods.

I think there should be a way to really show how bad some of the mods are. And too, some mods have rules that other mods don't have. It's a guessing game in the chatroom. If you're female, you have an advantage. If you're in the...

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For those of you who are almost always nude, how do you handle washing your clothes? Combine them with sheets and towels? Wait a long time until you have a load of just clothe?

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Working from Home as A nudist

So I really enjoy the fact that I have a work from home job and I'm able to work home in the buff. What types of jobs do you wish you could do nude without the hassle of clothes? There's so much out there. If only the pay was excellent. Naked...

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