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Clothing Optional or Clothing Not Allowed???...

When visiting a Nudist Resort, I would prefer that all participants agree to Not Wear Clothing at all. It really seems to put everyone on the same playing field if everyone is naked. It can seem a little awkward when some are dressed and some are...

A positive connection

My two passions are nudism and travel. I enjoy both as much as possible and if i can combine them once in a while all the better For the past 3 weeks I have explored a new to me corner of Europe Helsinki to Copenhagen with the Baltic countries in...

games on here

i am surprised to see the forum dominated by games ,every day its the same thing ,i expected more discussion and posts about nudism , not something related to a games site , speaking of games ...why is the chatroom dominated by a clique of a few...

Flag a fake

User is using a well known model's photograph so presumably a fake profile Debby19 Rocky Mount, North Carolina US

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by Rafael_latino 
Halloween Costumes ideas

Looking for Halloween Costume ideas for a nudist club Halloween Party any ideas would be great for wife and I.

Certified but cannot upload nudes??

Hi can anyone advise. I have been accepted as a certified member, however when I go to upload photos it still tells me to certify my age. I have done it already so don't understand why I cannot upload photos. Is there a period of time you have...

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by Markandrew 
Inclusion of Males in Naturism Unaccompanied...

I ask that members of this forum please read my petition for greater inclusion in Naturist/Nudist activities, clubs, communities, venues and facilities here in Australia and if so inclined please sign it.

Enjoying my nude time.

I always water our backyard at night after everyone has gone to bed that way I can make sure the tractor stays on course. At least that's what I tell everyone. Truth is I enjoy the nude time I get as well as listening to the night sounds.

Nudist or fantasy/fiction forum

Seems the topics are being overrun by people desperate to acquire stairs and share stories that like fantasy/fiction and not actual real life nudist experiences. Sadly these stories under the pretense of being nudist are just opportunities to...

cam to cam live chat

if someone wants to chat on skype or google chat that is ok but i do ask to do live video chat. pictures are ok but live chat is better. ALOT of people send fake pics (porn atrors / other people)

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