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World peace and a bit of sarcasm

Why can't we all just be as one with each other and get along be friends hold hands with the old,young,black,white,Chinese,Russian,gay, strait,French,Spanish,rich ,poor,NUDISTS etc. I am sick of all the discrimination in the world of...

2019 wnbr London

Okay I know its a year away but Im looking for someone who can train me to be able to ride a bike 9 miles Im a walking stick user so it might be difficult but if I start early enough I will be ready for the ride next year also I would like the person...

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Why so many gay guys?

Not trying to be provocative or anything.... but why are there so many nude gay guys in TN? I'm not uncomfortable with it, it's the same at beaches. I just always wonder why. Is there a larger proportion of nudists gay than in the overall...

Please share a song with lyrics about nudity...

Pop culture views nudity in different ways. One is mentioning lack of clothes in songs. Please share a song , artist and lyrics that mention nudity in them. I will start with an obscure one Paul Simon's Look At That. there is a line " take...

New Chatroom For Pervs

One for Normal chat and one for Perverts. This should keep majority of masturbating morons away from genuine nudists.

Tracking (not) wearing clothing

I decided to track how much time I spent (not) wearing certain type of clothing this summer this summer. My goal is 95% without long slacks, 75% shirtless and 50% nude. While this may sound low for someone who is retired, I have a lot of volunteer...

Are you fearful of people finding your TN...

Hi I've been a nudist since I was 14 years old. I've been on this site for ovef 7 years. I love posting pictures. However due to me being in the church and active and constantly in the public eye I'm cautious as to where and how I post my...

Vradino Mpanio

Poios psinetai gia vradyno mpanio????

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Liking Friends Profiles and photos

When I send or receive a friend request I always check the person's profile and when I accept or am accepted as a TN friend I automatically like my new friend's profile. It seems that not too many people like their friends profiles or photos...

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I LOVE the word nudist

That word means so much to me. Whenever I say it or think about it, I get sort of choked up with delight. I could actually repeat the word over and over, it just resonates with my soul. NUDIST! NUDIST! Anyone identify with this? Jeff the nudist

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