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nude events in the city

I have seen where San Fran. held an event recently. Now I tend to read the comments and wow those comments can be rude....old, wrinkley, gross fat should stay in clothes etc etc....I tend to wonder if the nudists were to be "10s" perfect...

View Count / Popularity not updating.

I know people are viewing my profile and pics, but my pic-view and popularity counts are no longer updating. Not that I'm particularly bothered by this, just wondering if anyone knows why this is happening?

Backyard Nudist

Being new to nudism, I've been wanting to go nude in my backyard. Unfortunately, all the hoses are relatively close together, and they are multi-story. Even though there are trees and shrubs, it's still too easy for the neighbours to see into...

Adding Sister to my Nudism Lifestyle

Recently had a phone conversation with my 65-year-old sister. During it she mentioned she needed something to hold onto when getting up from the floor. I asked my wife if she can do it and she wasnt sure. I showed her an easy way to do it and she was...

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problem with joining a LOCATION

I've been trying for a while to add some locations that I visit every so often, but every time I click the button "join location" I get a message that reads that 'You are already a visitor here, do you want to remove this...

Running into someone you know?

I'm curious and would like to hear the stories, if anyone has ever run into someone they knew ata nudist resort or beach? I mean someone that didn't already know you were a nudist/naturist and you didn't know they were either. And if you...

Created Groups

I know this has probably been covered somewhere before and mentioned in other topics but. I have created a group (Holiday Companions) and would like to go into it often so it doesn't become a dead group as there are so many. Is the only way of...

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Having a Private Profile on This Site

Hi, So I have been reading through profiles and I notice that some people opt for public profiles while others opt for private profiles. I honestly think it should be to each his own, but I have noticed that people think that you shouldn't be a...

Business/Work while nude?

Does anyone else here get the chance to conduct business clothes free? How often, and do your clients, or associates know this? I get to every now and then, and oddly enough, things tend to go better when I'm unclothed. How about you and your...

Naked Car Wash

Anybody else enjoy naked car washing or is just me lol As far as I see you get exercise, top up all over tan and a clean car into bargain, so it is a win win win situation lol

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