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Flag a fake

User is using a well known model's photograph so presumably a fake profile Debby19 Rocky Mount, North Carolina US

chat area

i noticed 1 detail in the CHAT area could be better. all men on cam on cam NO woman. they are around just not on cam.

Nude In Kona, Hawaii

I am traveling to Kona, Hawaii in January of next year. Does anyone know of a website that shows listings of Nudist people who rent out spare rooms for travelers? Mahalo, Tom

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The Horrible Death Of A Brave TN Member -...

We have just received word that our friend Leitz was killed in Ukraine fighting Russians. This is extremely upsetting news to some of us here at TN as we felt his pain and suffering at the loss of his family. Now, we can only pray that he has...

Being Comfortable Naked

How did you get comfortable with being naked in everyday life?

Where is the furthest from home you have...

Where is the furthest away from your home that have stripped off for something more than showering or sleeping? For me it was a nude beach outside of Perth Australia. That is the closest land mass to my antipode which is the place I would pop out on...

Longest time spent nude

What is the longest time you have spent nude in a continuous period? Putting on shorts, shirt, robe etc., stops the clock for this. So from the time you first got nude until you put something on. Footwear won't count for this, as well as a hat...

Minimum amount of cloths at work.

I realised now that it is warmer that out at work I have on only one pair of steel toecap shoes with no socks, one pair of builder/carpenter shorts yes longer than I like but handy for my job and one tee-shirt. What about other people.

My thoughts on clothing optional vs nudist

OK here are some thoughts. There are my thoughts only. I've been (luckily) going to Shangri La Ranch out here in the Phoenix area. It has been absolutely fantastic, I've never been to a resort this frequently and the more I go the more I...

Would you be interested?

Would you be interested in any of the following nude (or clothing-optional) events? If someone in your area offered the events listed below, would you want to attend? I'm asking, because I've put these out there as possibilities to see...

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