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Gym changing room

Guys do you walk around naked in the gym changing room or towel to cover your privates ?

Any of you men own or use a loincloth?

I know it's clothing, but at SOME point, you have to put something on.Always thought they'd be more prevalent, but never really see anyone else into them... Just wondered.

How many men on this site are restoring their...

After doing my research on restoring foreskin and learning about in main function covering the glans!! I started my journey to recover what was taken from me as an infant!! Is there any men out there that feel the same??

First Nudist Meetup - Sri Lanka

Hi Guys, I am from Sri Lanka. As many of you are aware, Sri Lanka is a country where nudism/naturism is looked down upon. I cam across this concept about two years ago and became interested in it. Eversince I tried to find fellow nudists. I have now...

Fitness advice

Hey fellas, So I am just beginning to get into establishing a solid gym routine. As you all can probably see from photos, I'm pretty lanky and want to work towards building (a little) mass and especially just toning it all up. I am reaching out...


How many here would have taken up nudism if they knew that they were born with reproductive organs that are not average.I have monorchidism. I was born with only one testicle. As far as I know my left testicle never developed when I was in my...


I For me it is a pity that everyone lives very far away. I love giving massages and also would like to recieve. one. Are there any nudists who live closeby? I live in Groningen, The Netherlands


Does anyone have any words of advice for someone that is new to the world on nudism? I havent really explored nudism at all and any advice would be greatly appreciated!


When you have to wear a swimsuit, what do you wear. Speedo solar has been my choice in the past, but since I stopped wearing underwear I find it very constricting even though the coverage is minimal. Any suggetions?

Doctor visits

Just how undressed does your doctor require you to be when you have a checkup? I am overdue to have one, but I do remember other than a very brief drop my trousers for the prostatecheck I was fully clothed in street clothes. It seems to me that if a...