The Mens Room

Discussions on Male Related issues with Nudism

Joining someone on a hot tub

Nude or not, I find it awkward. How do you handle it when you are the one joining someone, or the one enjoying a soak when someone else has the same idea? Do you find it bothersome?

Hairy bodies. Yes or No?

I'm a hairy guy. How many others are there? Should I trim? Shave? Leave it alone?

The Great C**kring Debate

Hi all, I'm almost sure that this has been discussed before, but, I'm very interested to know, what are your thought about nude men wearing a cockring in public? Do you find it offensive, or acceptable? I am very curious to hear your...

My First Ever Nude Experience

There was once a time when I did not know of the freedom I could feel. My first experience with nudity, both public and private, was when I was 8 years old.Most people thought I was gay, others mocked me but I just didn't care. It all started...


When you have to wear a swimsuit, what do you wear. Speedo solar has been my choice in the past, but since I stopped wearing underwear I find it very constricting even though the coverage is minimal. Any suggetions?

Fathers, sons and brothers sharing nudity

Just wondering how many guys out there have experienced hanging out nude with their fathers or brothers? If you have, what was the experience like for you? Was it a great experience, did it bring you closer to your father/brother , was it just ok, or...

Uncut penis embarrassed

I'm uncut american male, is that embarrassing to other intact a.erican men

As nudist/naked men do you live totally...

Since we're all nudist/naked guys that like/need to be naked as much as possible - are you normally completely naked? What I mean is no socks, no robes, no slippers no other accessories. I always live completely barefoot balls flopping naked all...

BODY piercings

What are your reactions in nude situations if you have genital piercings? I am multi pierced and not an issue at gay events I go to. I was of great interest to many folks at NEW ORLEANS NAKED BIKE RIDE,,, even spectators commented on me, and also at...

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