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accidental erections?

hi all, new to all this. always been a bit nervous though about the public nudity in case my willy decides it wants to have a stretch.... its not sexual, but sometimes i get unexplained erections and i worry that people will think im a pervert or...


I have some thoughts to share about underwear. There's an unspoken rule. It says guys wear guys clothes and girls wear girls clothes. Its what a lot of us are taught growing up and its what society tells us. I don't think we have to live by...

Anyone been on a men's nude sailing...

I'm considering a weeklong trip with for next summer; any tips would be appreciated!

Shaving for nude beach

How many guys like to shave off all pubic hair before heading out to a nude beach or nude get together ?

Tan lines?

How many of y'all don't have any tanlines? I've been wanting to get rid of mind but they're stubborn as hell.

Gay men are more comfortable than straight...

I find that gays are being more comfortable being nude in front of fellow men than the straight men. What is your opinion on that guys?

Only T-shirt during winter?

Hello! First post here. Anyone else just wear t shirts around the house during the colder months? I sometimes will sleep in only a t shirt if its cold out.

Starting to sleep nude

I would assume that since this is a nudist forum most of us sleep nude. When did you start and what did you wear to bed before that? I was a late starter because it was a long process of reducing sleepwear before I got there.Wore long PJ's year...

Why are you shaved?

I am wondering why some men prefer to shave their pubic hair. I know some will say because they like to look, feel etc, or their significant other likes the look/feel etc. But, especially for the older nudists, I wonder how many shave to hide the...

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by jasss109 
Longest Time Shirtless

For those of us men who don't live in a clothing optional community, there are a lot of situations where shorts are necessary but shirts are not. In light of that, what is the longest you have been continuously shirtless? My record is 4 days, but...

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