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Hey! Tryig to get some nudist time on Snapchat, so don't be shy and add me! I prefer to connect with guys around my age, but all are welcome. I am nudeargie25

Shaving for nude beach

How many guys like to shave off all pubic hair before heading out to a nude beach or nude get together ?

Fathers, sons and brothers sharing nudity

Just wondering how many guys out there have experienced hanging out nude with their fathers or brothers? If you have, what was the experience like for you? Was it a great experience, did it bring you closer to your father/brother , was it just ok, or...

Jock straps

I have recently discovered how comfortable jock straps are for wearing around the house. The straps along the hips feel good and appreciate the gentle support they give. Also feels like you are going commando under my pants. Wondering if others feel...


I have some thoughts to share about underwear. There's an unspoken rule. It says guys wear guys clothes and girls wear girls clothes. Its what a lot of us are taught growing up and its what society tells us. I don't think we have to live by...

Do you married men at the "couples...

I have often wondered what goes through other married men's minds, as they sit in a tub and take a razor to their cocks and their balls? We are not talking about you single men, so single men do not need to reply at all. We are only referring to...

Looking for contacts via snapchat

I'm looking for fellow nudists to share pics of us doing things naked and encourage each other to be nude. I'm fairly new to this. If you're interested in talking via snapchat, please add nudist95

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When you have to wear a swimsuit, what do you wear. Speedo solar has been my choice in the past, but since I stopped wearing underwear I find it very constricting even though the coverage is minimal. Any suggetions?

Need advice for travel to the NW

I am taking a road trip moving from Missouri back to my hometown Seattle. I will be traveling through Colorado and then heading north through Montana Idaho and eastern Washington. Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to good camp sites or...

Starting to sleep nude

I would assume that since this is a nudist forum most of us sleep nude. When did you start and what did you wear to bed before that? I was a late starter because it was a long process of reducing sleepwear before I got there.Wore long PJ's year...