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Whatsapp Group for UK TN

Hey All, I created a Whatsapp Group for Naked Mates here in the UK if you want to be a part of it (UK only) then message me!

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by Hanz1999 
Want to be art inspiration?

Painter here who focuses on the male body. You can see my instagram at I'm looking for men who will share pictures with me I can use to create paintings. Some of them will ultimately be sold. If you're wiling to share your...

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Kik Group

Hi all, I'm going to start a new kik group as had one on here a while ago but lots of lurkers and not much activity. They are great when they work and people are involved and chat. Message me on there if you want to be added and you must do a...

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by redfeather 
BODY piercings

What are your reactions in nude situations if you have genital piercings? I am multi pierced and not an issue at gay events I go to. I was of great interest to many folks at NEW ORLEANS NAKED BIKE RIDE,,, even spectators commented on me, and also at...

Choosing to be nude in exam room before your...

Hey there! I was just wondering if any of you have chose to completemly undress for an appointment in the exam room before the doctor has entered. Just mentione why you did and what doctor you did it for. Anyone do it on first visit ever with a...

Why are you shaved?

I am wondering why some men prefer to shave their pubic hair. I know some will say because they like to look, feel etc, or their significant other likes the look/feel etc. But, especially for the older nudists, I wonder how many shave to hide the...

The first time

When a guy is going nude for the first time how likely is it for him to have a erection?

Nude in gym locker room

I'm new to going to a gym. They have showers but I don't see anyone using them. I live a long distance away and would like to shower when I get done with my workout. I see lots of complaints on the internet about older guys walking around...

gay in the chat

how come when im in chat and I ask if any gay guys want to chat others seem to get upset or pissed then block or ban me for my question?

body hair

Hello I know in nudist world to have body hair is something that people dont want and the most commom thing is to shave it, but I have been spent a lot of time in my live asking myself the same question and I want to ask you if you have noticed after...