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I have no idea why they bother to have a Ladies chat forum on here. All I ever see are men asking and answering questions. This is why Women dont bother.

Hubby wanting others to see Me Nude

Hii... I just wanted to curiously ask something to the women also. Since its related to ladies as well....... I am been married since 1 year now. I have nice n caring husband. He is more open to nudism as compared to myself. We do stay naked at...

Ladies in London

Hello :) Looking for nudist ladies in London. I'm new to nudists ( around 2 years ) and would be nice to meet up or talk about experiences and get advice. Please get in touch Thank you Ann :)

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Intact or circumcized

I am asking all of you ladies this question!! How do you want your male partner to be? I'm asking this because, because I have been the long journey of restoring my natural look !!


I'm in sebere pain from work. I DESPERATELY NEED A MASSAGE. My back is very tight. I'M IN ROSEVILLE MINNESOTA STAYING OR LIVING AT NORWOOD INN AND SUITES. 2401 Prior Avenue North. Roseville Minnesota. I'm remodeling their bathrooms....

Finding real, respectful nudist to chat and...

I joined this site to make friends and chat with real nudist. Well, I have found more perverts than normal nudist that just want to chat and make friends so far. Why is it so hard?!? I'm not picky, I just want to connect with people like me who...

To shave or not to shave?

Question for nudist women: Did you start or stop shaving "down there" after you became a nudist? If so, what was the reason? Was there expectation from you peers, or your own thoughts on what looked better?

Not many handsome quality guys like kun77.

Not many handsome quality guys like kun77 from this site. This guy is special. Kun77' s last login was 7 years ago. His profile still exist , NOT online for years. Feels like I missed the perfect man & he's so fit. His amazing body, so...

Are there any nudist woman from the UK

I've been a member for only about a week but finding no ladies from the UK. Are there any ladies from GB/UK on here?

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