The Ladies Room

Discussions on Female Related issues with Nudism

Family nudists

I'm a 45 mom Have a son 15 and daughter not sure about keeping it up with them. Does anyone else have teens

I thought the LADIES ROOM was strictly for...

FOR WOMEN ONLY There seems to be more men in the LADIES ROOM than women. I don't understand why women can't have their personnel space. Is this the reason why there are so many fewer women on this site than men?

How many of you ladies sleep nude?

Yeah, I know I'm a guy on the Ladies Room forum but.............For females growing up in the nudist colony It was a no-brainer, but in the rest of society even with nudism being only such a small part of all of us, male or female, but sleeping...

Any Voyeuristic ladies around?

hi there to the female part in here, Is there any one who is practicing voyeurism? I like to show off on skype but also in the evenings in my flat . I live on ground floor and i am a nudist that likes when ladies peak in... anyone here?

Ladies only???

I thought this area is supposed to be for women only. Most of the posts are from men, what is up with that????? I joined this website simply because I love to be nude and would love to find locations where I can relax and unwind while being nude...

Intact or circumcized

I am asking all of you ladies this question!! How do you want your male partner to be? I'm asking this because, because I have been the long journey of restoring my natural look !!

Being Bra less, Panty Less or Topless

In the Mens Room, there is a discussion about naturist men going, "Commando," and not wearing underwear for the sake of comfort and its relationship to feeling nude. I wonder what female nudists views are on going bra less, panty less or...

Did you growup in a nudist home?

I was reading a thread in the men's locker room about guy's growing up seeing their fathers,brothers, etc. nude. How about you? Did you girl growup seeing your fathers and brothers, sister and mothers naked? What was this experience like?

if I was a woman looking at this forum

I would ask why are there so many posts here from guys? why can't girls actually talk to each other without a guy's input unless asked? why so many posts on naturist sites about size, erections, shaving it, etc? Is it just me or is the way to...

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