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Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

New Forest area UK

Hi, i am new to this site, i am 32 male in the New Forest area Hampshire UK, just looking for friends to meet with, not fussed about sex, age or looks. if your in the area please contact me.

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Hey there guys and girls.

Just joined in the last few days, have explored the various parts of the site and am very impressed with the set up, the discussions in the forum etc. Looks like I will enjoy my time here and have the opportunity to discuss one of my loves (nudity)...

Hi Everyone !

I am new here ! Just joined and hope to know more ppl :)


I just joined up after seeing a referal from another nudist forum. So far, from what I have read on the posts, this one seems to be the most oriented toward nudism with no other "side ideas". I am originally from SC and now live in Hawaii....

hey, im new

Im new to this site, and to nudism all together ive always slept nude though, im hoping that this way of life would except me for whats on the insde, not whats on the outside, threason i say this is because im overweight, i weigh 320 pounds, ive lost...


Hello, I'm a 28 y/o male. I was very conservative about nudism before but now i'm trying to do a lot more things to feel liberated. Maybe I can overcome my shyness a little with this being part of it. I recently experimented with going...

The (Naked) Cat Lady

Hi everyone. I'm new to this site but I've been hanging out naked at home for years. It's too expensive to run the AC and it's too hot to wear clothes. I swim naked in my Walmart pool when the next door neighbors aren't outside...

Lonely Guy

Hi everybody, I'm karl from India. I just joined today in the hope of finding new nudist friends to discuss my interest in Nudism. I'm also open to a long distance relationship with a mature man. Do please check out my profile and get in...


Hello, I would like to know if somebody could use has to change my "You are not True Nudist Certified" " yes True Nudist Certified " thank you William ; )

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