Newbie Nudist Area

Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

California Nude Hiker

Well I just started enjoying being nude a couple of years ago. Mostly around the house and in my yard. I enjoy working in my yard and garden and just started last year doing it nude when I can. I live in a rural area so not many houses close by that...

Hi Everybody! (hi dr. nick!)

Hey folks. I just joined up on this site a couple days ago. I'm pretty new into the nudism thing, but if you read through my profile that would really explain all. I guess it all kind of started for me when I was quite young and my family...

hallo from gemany

hallo, i hope i find many new friends.. ( sorry for my english )

This is grate!

Hello, to all my old friends frome other sites and to new friends on this site. Elsware I am known as Balloon_Artist. I elect to use the name NakedChristian in non-Christian-spacific naturist sites. I always was more comfortable naked, but was raised...

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Hi Everyone

Hey Everyone Just joined this site. Newbie to nudism from australia. seeyas around

Just joined

And wanted to say howdy to y'all. Thinking..oh great, yet another message board to check in the morning while drinking my coffee. Either I need to get up earlier, or strt going in late. Peace

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